TIME DILATION - strange multiplayer issue



So i solved somehow dilation and animations with making another variable in animation blueprint and setting with that rates of animations…
But i dont know why, i have 50% chance when i launch editor, clients are lagging only when they are slowed by time dilation…

  • it lags only when i “run on server” that time dilation event…
  • if i check checkbox “run dedicated server”, it helps but sometimes lagging too


After many hours of work i think i found solution… i dont know if its well replicated, but it running well for gameplay and animations needs

last thing which i dont know how to solve are camera lags because when i run editor, there is 50% chance that client have that lags, in others 50% cases not…

bro How Do You Set Rate Of Animation And Do You fix The Camera Lag Problem
Can U Please Help Me