Time Dilation ignored by Render Movie

Any particular reason why a group of time dilation edits would render fine in the viewport, but on rendering the sequence they get ignored? Is there a setting I should know about?

Nobody else come across this issue? Discovered some of the Time Dilation keyframes actually work in both viewport and Rendered Movie — which makes a reason as to why some don’t even more perplexing.

Hello, I have the same issue, when I rendering a “sequencer” the viewport is ok on “Time effect” but the sequence “File.avi” totally ignored the Time dilation effect ?
There is no slow motion effect like in the sequence UE4, (The time FPS on project is 30 FPS and the Time dilation effect is 1.0 to 0.1 and 0.5 ->1.0)
Do you have any idea ? Thanks. (UE4-4.24-Mac OS)

There’s a bug on this. Should be fixed in 4.24.2 Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-83279)

4.25.4 and its not fixed


Same here, rendering totally ignores Time Dilation. Is this a bug? (4.26.2)

It’s so sad, the effects achieved by Time Dilation are so visually powerful and beautifully cinematic, we cannot render this and export on a movie??

Please, tell me I am wrong.

Yes I’ve noticed the same problem. very annoying

Actually I found out that you can also keyframe Time Dilation in the sequencer. It’s just there available. Now I am trying to actually exclude the camera movement from the Time Dilation effect.

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4.27, still not repaired?

I have me to this problem can helpe me please? In sequence work nice and render finish its goin very slow

still hasn’t been fixed. UE 5.3.2
and the weird part is that it was working. then I made some adjustments in the keyframes and now it ignores it. what’s up with that?

In the movie render queue, change the file format string to {frame_number_rel}. Then the render won’t overwrite the sub-frames as displayed in viewport… I got the solution from this forum Time Dilation & Time Scale not working with High Quality Media Export

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