Tiling Textures

The image isn’t 100% seamless, but I don’t think that is my issue…
Can someone help me figure out why this isn’t wrapping correctly?

It is a water texture placed on a cube static mesh…

Depends :slight_smile: Is it supposed to be seamless?
It looks like there is a slight hue shift in the image.
Can you show us the texture how it looks as an image file.

Or do you just want to tile it once over the mesh.
In this case you need to add a TextureCoordinate node in your material graph and scale the UV coordinated that feed into your texture sampler.
Either change the values there, or keep them at 1 and set up parameters.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am trying to do this now.

I lost my texture?

I did what you said, but now I don’t have a texture anymore…


For some reason the Multiply is messing it up!

Your TilingX and TilingY are both 0 change them to something > 0

Still bubkiss!

Now connect your texture sample with the base colour + click on apply and it should work again :wink:

Got it, had to set TextureCoord to 0.1!

Thanks everyone!

Ah, fighter was faster :slight_smile:
(Also just saw your PM)

Now Im curious/confused? What do you mean with “set to 0.1”?

I mean, for it to stop tiling, I had to set the TC to 0.1

Now for the fun part… I need green foam & debris on top floating and small ripples. It doesn’t look like a swamp right now… Just a flat green texture.

Here you could work with a noise, either generated with the (expensive) noise function node, or witha grayscale noise texture.
Use the noise to drive the alpha of a lerp with your water being one inputand a foam texture on the other.
If you animate the texture with a panner node and also use the grayscale alpha to drive a displacement, you could end up there…

Pretty much like my lava material from the other thread… :smiley: (Just that you dont define the colors via a black body…)

Ok, I did all that, but now my green water turned white…


Think I got the Opacity too high?

Pretty tough to guess from a viewport screenshot…
How does your material setup look like? Also shw the intermediate node results please :slight_smile:

KVogler, please check you PM. I sent you a link and information.