Tiling Detail

Hello all. I was modelling my bathroom as a quick beginner project and ran into a problem. My bathroom floor tiles sparkle slightly, sort of like sand, so I made a 2k material with a noise pattern plugged in to the roughness. I applied this material to a floor plane and then used the UV offset to tile it. The roughness detail vanishes when I do this, and it doesn’t matter how close I zoom, it doesn’t come back.

Is there a solution to this? Because now the only thing I can think of is modelling each tile as a plane.

Also, an after-note: while modelling each tile is not exactly optimal, there are only twenty tiles. I’m a little worried that so many 2k textures on the screen at the same time will slow the game down, but I heard that UE4 has an automatic LOD system that compensates for this the further away the camera goes. Can someone clarify?

try plugging the noise texture into specular, this will highlight the white pixels so they catch the light but the black will be ignored and look matt, ideally you’d use a normal map to emphasize the graininess of the tiles and give a false 3d effect.