tiling by mesh?

hi, I’m trying to set materials into a scene I’m making, but I can’t figure the correct way to tile materials. the only way I know in ue4 is to edit the material itself and set a texture coordinate thing to have the texture repeating, but what if I have like a whole map using this material, and then I want to apply the same material to a small plateau? it can’t have the same amount of tiles as the meshes aren’t the same overall size.

how do I do this properly?

Depending on what it is, you can tile the UV’s of the mesh itself.

use material instances and vary a scale factor for tex coord

that’s what I’m doing right now, but still I have to have one instance material for each mesh, instead of using the same material. which works all right, but it would be much better if it was possible to do this in the mesh itself instead.


maybe set it as a parameter on a dynamic material instance as opposed to a different constant one for each mesh?