Tiles are brighter in the tile map

I’m new to Unreal Engine 4 and I’m trying to make a quite simple 2d game with top-down perspective, as I didn’t know how to make a map properly I thought I’d use this tile system I found, so I made a couple of tiles and created a tile map. The problem is that when I put the tiles into the map they are much brighter than they should be, so the colors are completely ruined… maybe it has something to do with “Layer Color”? No clue…
Here’s an image where you can clearly see the difference between the original tile and the tiles in the map:


Thanks in advance for your help.


I think the problem is the material, but is there a way to have no material?

Also I have the same problem with my character sprite.

I had the same problem and my way of fixing it was enabling sRGB when importing/compressing the texture.