Tilemap doesn't render in both eyes

We’re trying to use blueprints for an entire game, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to render an overview map (where visited locations are filled in).

I was planning on using Paper2D/tilemap as it seems you can’t write pixels to a texture through blueprints, but I ran into a problem- when I put a tile map into the scene, it only shows up in the left eye. Is there a setting somewhere in the material that I need to use in order to get it to show up for both eyes?


I verified it doesn’t show up in both eyes on Rift for me either.

You should try and create a texture mask on using a RenderTarget2D that you can use to render you own textures on the CPU. Create a texture mask and apply some blur effect to smooth out the mask, then interpolate it with a different texture (map overview).

If its too heavy, you can use a compute shader to create your texture on the GPU.

Tutorial on how to use CanvasRenderTarget2D in blueprints:

Thanks, Azarus- that’s useful, and is a good fallback, but the tilemap has a lot of useful features (serialization of the writeable tiles, etc). Do you know why it doesn’t show up in both eyes?

Ok, I tracked it down. If “Instanced Stereo Rendering” is set, Tilemaps will only show in one eye. I cleared the flag and it showed up again. This is likely a bug.