Tiled world - Can't get foliage to show on landscape LODs. Please, any clue!

I do apologize for reposting this on the forum as I have already asked it in the answer hub, but I’m kind of desperate to try and get to the bottom of this problem.
My original question:

So, as the question states, I’m building a world with World Composition enabled. I imported my tiles from world machine. Everything looks fine.
I used the foliage brush to paint some trees.

Now, what I’m trying to do is to create LODs for my map. I go to the levels list, select a level, then I click on the icon that says “Summons level details”, and it opens up.
When I click the “generate” button, it works. It creates a simplified version for my level (tile), it loads at the correct distance, and all that.

**But the problem is, **the simplified level doesn’t have any foliage instances I added via the foliage brush (or even the procedural foliage tool).
This does work for meshes! If I put some static meshes directly (even the very same trees I used with the foliage brush), they’ll show up. They’ll be simplified and all that, but not the foliage.
As a result, all nearby tiles that are LOD0 have trees as expected, but if I look further towards areas that show LOD1, the landscape is barren. I move closer to it until it loads LOD0, and boom, all the trees are back.

Some things I tried:

  • Downloaded an earlier version of Unreal Engine that still supported simplygon, and downloaded and installed the simplygon plugin, checked that it was loaded and all that: The same exact result. Will generate levels, will simplify static meshes, no problem, but not foliage.
  • I tried using the “Bake foliage to landscape” option, but it leaves these weird smudges where a tree is supposed to be, so not much success there either.
  • I tried all kinds of meshes. I figured maybe I’m missing something about the mesh, so I tried trees from different packs, and even used different meshes with the foliage tool. Same result.
  • Tried adding trees via the procedural foliage tool. Same.

I guess I don’t get any answers because this is probably a very niche problem, so not many people had any experience with it, but if anybody knows anything about it, if you could give me the smallest clue so I could continue researching it, it’d be highly appreciated.
Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I mean, I could in theory add trees directly as static meshes, but I don’t think this is the right way.

Anything, any hint, any opinion, a direction to look into.
Thanks in advance!

You need to create LODs for the foliage as well, and yes they’ll be super simplified. Thats the point.

1 drawcall for the foliage, one drawcall for the map. As cheap as it can be.

additionally you can choose to bake the foliage onto the landscape image. This isn’t optimal, but it can help sell the illusion by creating a darker area under the trees.

Alright! Will try. Thanks!

Hi @Lord_Northern
I am having same issue.
And i didn’t get exactly @MostHost_LA’s answered.
If u figured it out then will you explain me how did you do it ?

I have lod in all foliage but still in landscape lod not showing.