Tiled Sync System - Realtime sync Tiled App with Unreal Engine

Introducing the Tiled Sync System

Discover a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes 2D level design within Unreal Engine. Our Tiled Sync System bridges the gap between UE and Tiled, streamlining the process of crafting immersive tile maps and worlds effortlessly.

With our system, you gain the ability to seamlessly import and synchronize Tiled tile maps with Unreal Engine tile maps, all while effortlessly generating and synchronizing entire levels directly from the Tiled application. This innovative system operates seamlessly within the UE editor and automatically detects changes, applying them in real-time.

The Tiled Sync System also boasts its own robust save and load functionalities, ensuring a one-time setup that you can rely on without hesitation.

Experience the future of 2D level design with our Tiled Sync System. Witness its capabilities in action with our demo.

Unlock the potential of 2D level design with the Tiled Sync System, and witness a new era of efficiency and creativity. Elevate your Unreal Engine projects with ease and confidence.

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Key Features:

Seamless World Integration:

- Link levels to Tiled worlds effortlessly, enabling automatic world creation and management across multiple sessions.

Tilemap Synchronization:

- Manually link tile map actors to Tiled tile map files with ease, benefitting from automatic import and management.

Export Tilmaps:

- Utilize a custom task to export existing tile map actors to Tiled app-compatible files.

Streamlined Save and Load:

- The system is equipped with robust save and load functionalities, simplifying setup and providing reliability as it automatically launches at startup.

Real-time File Detection:

- Stay up-to-date with your Tiled app files as the system automatically detects changes and applies them to your project.

Actor Utility Actions:

- Simplify the integration process with specialized actor utility actions.

User-Friendly Editor Widget:

- Manage all system actions with our user-friendly editor utility widget.

Async Editor Tasks:

- Benefit from asynchronous editor tasks that ensure smooth synchronization actions.