Tiled landscape with different resolution for certain tiles

Hi there!
I have been coming up with a big question that bugs me for a long time now…

So I have this super huge big landscape and I am using the world composition / tiled landscape import feature to load a huge landscape into UE4. So far all ok!

I would love to be able to kind of ‘subload’ a more high resolution set on certain selected tiles, to keep low res tiles for uninteresting part or very flat areas and having high resolution for the highlight spots.

I tried to import a tiled landscape lowres and a second high res version. Beside some math headache, it doesn’t seem to load tiles as the game starts. Meaning: just one ‘tiled landscape’ seems to connect to my player and loads new chunks as a progress through the world. The second one doesn’t respond.

has anyone ever tried to mix low and highres tiled landscapes and would be the recommended workflow for this? (e.g. 16KM landscape split up into 8x8 tiles with 2017 resolution and have tile X0 Y5 again split up into 8x8 set with another 2017 resolution.
Hope this makes sense.

Would love to hear some thoughts and ideas!
All the best! Tom

ps: I am using World machine and UE4.11

Afaik the system only works with tiles of the same size - you can’t even snap differently sized tiles together.

You would then be left with replacing a tile before the player enters it.
you should be able to call load/unload without issue, the best way to do it if your characters are earth bound or not is a tile wilde trigger volume.
that way though overlap you also know who is on this tile…
The loading unloading may take a while though. As such I would suggest actually having 3 “tiles” or levels for this.
1 to contain the high res terrain, one to contain the low res, and one to contain all the items within the level so they don’t need to change along with the terrain.

Be aware though, that epic often says not to change the terrain size other then the Z scale.
they don’t give much reason why, and personally I agree that one can get much nicer results around 25x25x100 …

I see, so it involves some code work to make this happen. About the terrain size…it always confuses me a bit. So far I have worked with a range of variations in size, resolutions etc…Did not encounter any issues. (Besides performance. )