Tiled G buffers using post material.

Hi - just looking for a material head who could probably work this out in his sleep.

I’m looking to tile 2 or 4 of the graphics buffers using a post processing effect - this is so I can do some effects down the line in software like After Effects. - Stuff like zDepth and masks.

I’ve worked out I can sample any of the buffers using Scene Texture - then I can multiply the input coordinates by 2 to make my first, upper left tile.

When I try to make my other tiles however I can’t get them into position or mask them off from my other tiles.

My idea is that I can render from the engine in 3,840 x 2,160 and have 4 HD size buffers which I can split in AE to do stuff like nice depth of field etc.

Thanks for any help in advance!