Tile variation

For some time now i’ve been trying to find a way to get a bit of variation in the tiling of the materials. My idea is to use Lerp and different UV rotation for both of the textures and for the mask that blends them, in order to get the textures to rotate around center of the tile itself i’m using Clamp for the X & Y Tiling Method.So far i can’t manage to get it to work right :/. I read all kinds of documentation and tutorials, but couldn’t find a step by step walkthrough how you could do that.

Hey Trekz,

In order to better understand this Issue I would like a little more information from you.

You are trying to have the textures rotate around the center of your tiles. So, say you have one square tile. Are you trying to have your texture rotate from the center of that square? Right now with the setup you provided the texture rotates around the entirety of whatever object the material is assigned to.

If you would give me some more context, perhaps another screenshot, of what exactly you are trying to achieve. Also if you would send me a link to the tutorials you mentioned. Then I will be able to investigate this further.

Here is an example of what i am trying to accomplish I have 2 textures, and i would like to to rotate the first clockwise around the center of the tile and the the second texture along with the mask counterclockwise again around the center of the tile, for each tile so they’ll have a slight variation and wont appear the same.

So, with help, I was able to come up with something that should allow you to do what you want. What I have done is set up a material that will allow you to rotate a material by an angle. I used two just to show that I can rotate multiple textures and different angles and some of the control that you get. You may want to add more or only use one. Both TexCoord’s are set to 1.0 and 1.0.

Did this material setup work for you?

Sorry i didnt answer sooner, i’ve been playing around with what you posted as an example and i started getting some variation into my tilling. Here is a pic

Now i’m trying to get some similar effect for other materials, that have Bumpoffset on them an i am a bit confused how to combine both the rotation and the offset on the texture UVs. Btw i would like to ask you what method are you using on your Textures - Wrap or Clamp. Thx a lot for the help so far.

If the textures exceed 5 I use wrap.