Tile Outline

Hello All,

I am currently working on a tile based game and was wondering how to best achieve a XCOM-like tile outline. I have already experimented with the ProceduralMeshComponent and got something to work, however it feels very much like overkill and surely there must be a easier way to render this outline. The picture below shows the desired outline effect.


Wouldn’t that just he a highlight around the nav mesh?

I strongly assume that this does not use UE4’s in-engine navigation system, but a custom tile-based representation and pathfinding which is performed on the given tiles.

So I guess the question is: Assuming I have a list of edges which form the outline of my reachable area, how do I best render said outline? Do I create a procedural mesh for the reachable area and give it a custom material which simply highlights the edge, or is there some sort of 3d line-renderer which simplifies this process, or should i use splines and render a simple cube mesh along the spline?

Any suggestions?

Why waste that kind of time on coding something that already partially exists?

As you can see, the navmesh area essentially already creates an outline like what you are attempting to make.

I would just poke into the source for it, and lift the process that renders it to adapt it on a “range” from the character. You can do this in measured increments so that it always matches an actual tile size.

That said, it depends on how your game is built too. If your floor is using small tiles only (waste of rendering IMHO), then you could easily just use a post process to do the same thing I mentioned above and color their outer outlines.

Thing is, the AI needs to also move in the same range, so you need the navmesh and information defined for it anyway, why waste resources?