Tile Based Movement

So someone asked help with something here…eding-guidance and I was like, I’m working on a game and by slightly modifying it, it would be exactly what he needs! So I made a video on how to do it, and figured I might as well post it here.

Here’s what they wanted:

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Edit: It should be noted that this only allows for 1 unit moving around in the map, but it can be easily modified to have multiple moving units that move after you do (I know because that’s how it works in the game I’m working on)

Can this adapted to make a chess game?

Maybe? I don’t really see why not. But there are chess tutorials in unreal 4, it’s not hard to find if you Google it. I haven’t actually watched them, but the comments say it’s good.

But if you didn’t like them or just really like my videos for some reason, I could make a chess tutorial if you want, it’s not that hard.

I am working on my visual novel tutorial atm over here though

but I suppose I could make chess the mini game I make as a part of the series.

I haven’t checked it out yet but I was looking for a tile based movement tutorial recently for a crpg game project. Think classic dragon quest style movement. I am sure this will get me moving in the right direction so thanks for sharing this.

I forgot to add a follow up comment on this. Is there any way you could make a chess tutorial? I haven’t found anything I liked in months of searching and there’s not much information available on the forums.