tick, network and vr camera update execution order

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to get as smooth updates as possible in our VR multiplayer project. I haven’t really found any comprehensive overview of the execution order of an entire update cycle in the GameThread. Perhaps you guys could help me wrap my head around this some more.

This is my current working theory:

  1. All tick groups get updated first (Here we have “old” values of VR pose and replicated props)
  2. VR Pose gets updated in the special lateUpdate tick group
  3. Cameras are updated
  4. TG_PostUpdateWork runs here according to the docs. However, this does not seem to be the case
  5. Scene is rendered
  6. Replicated props get buffered to history
  7. Depending on NetUpdateFrequency replicated props get sent over the network

Is this even remotely correct?

Feel free to just answer part of this question since there’s a lot of subcategories to it. All feedback is very appreciated