Tick event strange behaviour

Hello, I’m having a strange behavior on tick event: I’m trying to replicate the camera world rotation so both client and server play head animation correctly. The animation is simply a blueprint where the head rotates alongside the camera.
My first setup was to have the camera transformation set to a replicated variable and very thick update its value. The value is updated in a server event. The problem is the client won’t get updated (and use the server camera rotation???)

Instead, if I update the variable using an input event like pressing the “T” key it works perfectly. To make it work in the “Tick event” I’ve come up with a solution that I don’t know how it works…

Any idea why it do this?


Zoom out a little bit to see all the nodes.
If you try to connect “then 1” to “print camera” event it doesn’t work…
To debug you can print on screen the forward vector, and move the camera up and down (you should see the z value change, if it work). test on 2 player with no dedicated server check.