Tick event not working in Volube, how to start it? SetActorTick Enabled(true); I posted

Hello everyone, I’m new to UE5, I want to know if there is an analogue of Unity3d Collider.OnTriggerStay(Collider)
in UE5, I make my Volume zone in C++ damage (the task is this) using OnOverlapEnd|Begine but they don’t work as the player spawns inside the zone initially, the zone is full map, and he can’t get out of it to activate.

Try checking the box called Generate Overlap Events During Level Streaming in the character details, it should help with overlap events upon spawning.

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Worth it, it doesn’t help.

you can use get overlapping actors…it will give you an array of the actors overlapping all the time filtered by class:


find it in C++

I have used this method in C++ until the object crosses the Volume there is empty it returns 0.

I found a solution, the function works (launched in a separate timer), it’s just that the Tick event does not work for me, how can I start it? SetActorTickEnabled(true); I posted