Tiara the Manx in CGI(one of rejected female Sonic characters)

Since Paramount Pictures made first live-action movie of Sonic the Hedgehog this year(underlicenced by Sega)I decided to make(my own 3D model) one of rejected(by old and new Sonic multiverse cannon)Sonic’s love interest Tiara the Manx(in first cancelled Sonic game initially planned for Sega 32X,but cancelled called Sonic Mars)in Sonic Mars she was a princess and her father was a king(similar to Sonic '06).So I made her body to look more fluffy like characters from Sonic 2020 such as Echidna tribe(Knuckles the Echidna’s ancestors from Sonic Adventure 1 on Sega Dreamcast),Longclaw the Owl(mentor of Sonic),Miles"Tails"Prower(firstly appeared in Sonic 2 on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis) and Sonic(himself).