Thumbstick Movement on different VR platforms

Hi Community,

so currently I’m working on some projects for different platforms in VR. This should be a pretty basic question but it has still bugged me for months now.
I have a VR Character in C++ (+ derrived Blueprint, but whatever for now). Nothing too fancy. Teleporting Gripping, basically all binary controller inputs and the mapping for it works. Now comes the tricky part:
I implemented movement with the thumbstick of the motion controller of the corresponding platform. Forward + Right which is bound to Thumbstick Y and X via axis binding. Again very basic code: the forward/right vector of the camera component acts as input for the movement component of the character scaled with the corresponding controller input.
I tested this very basic setup on 3 devices/platforms:

  • Oculus Rift S
  • Valve Index
  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD

What happened is the following:
On Oculus everything works fine. Best Case, really nice.
On the other two thumbstick movement just doesn’t work. Period. Every Other part works fine, but the Thumbsticks just don’t. Now I’m aware that there is some SteamVR driver that has some option to enable turning and thumbstick movement (at least for WMR a 100%) but that seems to only shift the camera, not really move the character. Whatever it works… kinda.
But for the Valve Index I definitely can’t grasp why it’s not running and I can’t get it to work.
So basically my question is, how come controller inputs from different (already in Unreal implemented) devices seem to not work. It’s not a controller issue, because it works on other applications/games but in this very basic setup, out of the box, it does not. Please help, I would love to hear about some experiences and tips about this topic. I’ll gladly provide more information if necessary.