Throwing AI Characters with Motion Controllers

Trying to post this again, as it didn’t seem to go up the first time I attempted posting.

I’m trying to figure out how to throw miniature AI characters with Vive motion controllers, and having a rough time of it. I’ve set up a SimpleMoveToActor blueprint in the Level Blueprint for my AI character, and given him the PickupActorInterface along with the blueprints copied over from the standard PickUpCubes that come with the VR Starter Content.

I can pick him up just fine, but when I try to throw him, he ignores the physics of the motion and just drops out of my hand then continues on his path toward the target actor.

Plus, if I hold onto him, and turn him in my hand, he wobbles, spins, and eventually breaks, going motionless and not following his path any more. I still can’t throw him though, even when he’s dead…

I’ve tried several solutions, and will post up blueprints of it all, plus a couple of GIF’s to show you what’s happening.

Any help would be appreciated!