THREAD: Community Concerns about V2 Devices

I’m starting this thread as a place to report issues and problems we’ve been experiencing with Fortnite Creative. Whether it’s related to the ongoing island conversion or event binding, this thread is a space where we can share our thoughts and concerns. If you’re running into any problems, feel free to post them here, and we can work together to find solutions!

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Over the next three weeks, I’ll be dedicating as much time as I can to updating my mechanic systems, removing unallowed XP and save device systems, and upgrading to the new devices. Although it’s going to be a daunting and impractical task for all of my games, being forced to make these changes is better than risking them being broken.

I’m not looking forward to this. With event binding and upgraded devices around the corner, nobody has enough time to update their games. The last time I updated my game to the upgraded devices, I didn’t know which devices had new settings and my entire game was broken. Then event binding wouldn’t save the information I was telling it to save in events, so I gave up. Trying to rename 100’s of devices in order to locate them in a system that doesn’t fully work is miserable. Please give us more time. Many of us creators didn’t know and 3 weeks isn’t enough to prepare for what needs to be done after the recent announcement. It especially making things harder trying to find others to test our games after conversion and trying to use Creator Portal in it’s current state.

I ve switched from Creative to UEFN so I am not really testing the old flows anymore, but back in the day, the pop up message device used to mess up all its events when you duplicated it, or when you placed another one in the world from the gallery.

I think it would be useful if someone went into Creative to test all devices and send some info to Epic, to spot if issues like this still happen.

I’d like to clarify that ‘Upgraded Devices’ will still remain early access and opt-in, the two are not tied together! We are only pushing out Direct Event Binding to old islands.

One issue I have seen with Event Binding in UEFN, is when we duplicate a device that has bindings, the bindings will sometimes break. Or the device it was duplicated will discontinue working, or the duplicated device will not work, or both. It’s pretty hit or miss, so I can’t always reproduce this issue. I do recall it happening the:

Class Selector Device
Class Designer Device
Team Manager Device
Player Spawner Device

Another issue is that if a team member picks up and moves a device in edit mode (I’m in UEFN), it will break event bindings. Almost as if it is cutting the device and repasting it where they place it. I’ll be honest, we haven’t tested this since 24.00, because we have avoided this workflow.

I’d like to ask to keep this thread to strictly Direct Event Binding for the conversion discussion as I’m assuming that’s the major concern here.

NOTE: V2 devices are not part of this switch. And there is a known bug with converting an island to UEFN so we don’t recommend that right now. UEFN has always had direct event binding so anything related to that won’t be directly related to this forced conversion for Creative and could distract from the conversation at hand.


Hey there! In 25.00 we will be switching all islands to Direct Event Binding, but Upgraded Devices will remain an early access and opt-in system. We understand there are still many issues to be worked on for Devices v2!


Good to know. Thank you.

Is this a permanent opt-in choice or will it phase out of early access and be forced at some point too?

The goal is for it to be standard, but right now it’s early access so that we can address all the issues. V2 introduces a lot more functionality across devices and levels the customization playing field with UEFN, so it’s definitely needed!

Individuals and teams having to go back into our old islands to revamp systems and devices can be extremely exhausting. I have over 65 games and every time a change occurs, I have to tediously update every single one my games. Is there a tip to users going through conversion changes? Are there a list of devices to be aware of when converting to the new upgraded devices? An initial step by step forewarning creators what to be aware of when converting so they’re prepared?

@eatyoushay Because this is strictly a conversion to event binding NOT upgraded devices, there is literally nothing that should need to be done. Your game should continue to work exactly as it is with no changes. I have yet to be presented with a situation where a conversion breaks gameplay since we’ve launched Direct Event Binding. All of the key problems have stemmed from working with events after conversion, in addition to UX/UI concerns.

If you would like to do this manually, we recommend you duplicate your island and then only hit convert next to the event binding option, NOT the device conversion option. And then see if your island still works. If it does not then immediately let us know and we can investigate further.

I’ll say it again, DEVICE CONVERSION IS NOT HAPPENING YET. Device conversion has thousands of changes to devices and hence that is the more dangerous conversion that is not happening right now and will remain opt-in.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ll test out my next few games to see how the process is again, and make sure to report as necessary if needed.

After hearing about DEB being forced from 25.00 I decided to update an older Island to DEB to see how it went and to be ready for potential problems.

The actual conversion seemed to go smoothly. I quickly discovered however that DEB does not seem to work at all in the pregame. That is to say, any mechanics that operate in the pregame which worked fine with channels no longer works under DEB (even after checking everything is routing correctly).

This issue (which I view as critical) is easy to reproduce. Simply place a couple of triggers in the pregame area with default settings (enabled at game start). Have one trigger the other after a 5 second trigger delay. Publish and load in. Once in the islands pregame have the player run over the first trigger. You will see it flash during the 5s delay. However you’ll notice the 2nd trigger will not fire once the delay has ended. This worked fine under the channel system in the pregame.

Is this a known issue?

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Just want to add that the issue above affects both 1.0 and 2.0 devices.

Thank you for that discovery, we’ve got it logged internally now for pre-game functionality.

Thankyou Ray, I have fingers crossed this is something can can be addressed quite quickly.