This is not goodbye. See you around!

Hi, everybody!

Boy, it’s been a great year for the Marketplace. When I joined one year ago it had only just begun with a few dozen pieces of content and a handful of sellers. As it stands today, the Marketplace has over 500 pieces of content and over 250 sellers, we’ve gone from five releases per week up to a dozen or more, and the quality bar has gotten higher and higher as more submissions roll in. We’ve seen the community grow and thrive, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with a great number of you to publish your content, answer your questions, and do all I could to help give you the best chance of success on the Marketplace. By every metric, the Marketplace has grown rapidly and steadily over time, and it’s been great to see.

In addition to all of that, I’ve spent a great deal of my time working behind the scenes to improve our internal processes, work with our dev team to create the best tools possible for publishing content, trained a crack team of artistic, technical, and customer support staff that understands the Marketplace inside and out. It’s all coming together now and you’ll see it roll out in the coming months. 2016 holds great promise for the Marketplace’s continued growth, new rollout of tools for buyers and sellers, and more great sales and promotions.

And now that 2015 is drawing to a close, so is the one-year contract I signed with Epic Games. Many of you know that I’m based in New York City and have been working one week per month onsite at Epic HQ in North Carolina to get the Marketplace running smoothly and to position it for longterm success. I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do, and now it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure. Thanks for a great year, everyone! I’ve had a great time, learned a lot, enjoyed being a part of this incredible community of dynamic creatives, and I look forward to seeing how it grows. :slight_smile:

For any Marketplace-related questions, either post here on the forums or send an email to They know how to run the show and I trust them completely to continue doing a great job.

See you around!

Sorry to see you leave. I hope Epic will offer you a full-time position.

:eek: Took me by surprise…

Good luck in your future endeavors! But honestly I hope you’ll be back at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna miss you!

is epic waiting for something to make a new contract? :stuck_out_tongue: back again jon!!

Good luck in the future from me too! Like everyone else, i really hope you’ll be back at some point!

You are a really nice person to work with (: and i’m going to miss that!

It’s a shame to see you go, you did your job well :frowning: Good luck on whatever you are doing next!

Side question: Does this mean that I need to open a new “ticket”, rather than replying to the one you were helping me with via email?

Really sad to see you go Jon, you are the key figure responsible for Ironbelly diving in to the Marketplace as strong as we did, expanding our plan to launch a couple weapons and test the waters to going all in and rolling out 40+ weapons covering everything from shotguns to SMGS. You’re leaving big shoes to fill and I hope that epic realizes how critical a person in your position is to cultivating a strong and vibrant community. It’s definitely the approach Unity has taken and they now have 15,000+ assets on their store pulling in millions, if not billions in sales(dwarfing the money they make from the engine itself).

All the best in your future Jon, you’re a valuable asset and wherever you end up will be a lucky organization to have you!

Sad to see you go :(. You were always a positive and informative figure on the Marketplace. Even when some users were less-than-courteous in a post, you were always civil and helpful.

You’ve fought tooth and nail to keep the marketplace a platform of top quality and you did it without ever stepping into the Octagon. Great professionalism and patience.

“Some say he’s the greatest asset the marketplace will ever have, all we know is he’s called Jon Jones.”

Luv ya and good luck!

Bye Jon

It seems nearly every thread that catches my interest I see you posting on, It’s definitely going to be a shame to see you go. I spend just about every extra dollar I get on either learning or marketplace content and honestly I probably learn more from the stuff I get at the marketplace. I’m a little harder to teach and still have a long ways to go but if I didn’t have access to the assets as well as the amazing feedback and 1 on 1 contact the marketplace provides I probably wouldn’t be a using the engine right now. Thanks for everything

WTF! but… but… :frowning:

Thankyou Jon Jones and Good luck

Your helpful support for anything marketplace related will be greatly missed :frowning:

Hope to see you stick around the forums in your own capacity Jon! Thanks for helping make the Marketplace awesome :smiley:

Thanks for your hard work and passion. I wish you well in your next Endeavor!

Thank you for all the positivity and hard work you’ve brought to the community. You will be sorely missed!

No! This is sad news to hear, I hope they renew your contract! It’s been a true pleasure working with you Jon, you’ve been instrumental in making the marketplace what it is today. I hope to still see you around. =)

Jon, thanks for all you’ve done for this awesome community. I know we’ll be seeing each other around. :slight_smile:

We appreciate everything you’ve built here at Epic. Look forward to seeing what you do next.

Was great working with you Jon. Sad to see ya go :frowning: Good luck on whatever is next!