This console command is not showing in ue5 source code version

“r.D3D12.DXR.AllowEmulatedRayTracing” is not working in ue5 source code version
please fix this
this command working in early access launcher version

this command bring raytracing to nvidia 10 series
nvidia 10 series has raytracing software support (not hardware but software)

this is my pathtracing render gtx 1060 5gb fully working with 4.27

epic developers please add this console command to 5.0 tooooooooo

Hey @Farshid,

Hope you’re doing well and so sorry you’re having this issue. If you’d like to look at the Unreal Engine 5 changes you can do so here: UE5 changes.

But the important bit is:

Ray Tracing support with Lumen Hardware Ray Tracing: Standalone Ray Tracing features are being deprecated in Unreal Engine 5 Early Access. However, the engine’s ability to compute these lighting effects is not being removed, since Lumen covers these lighting features. What is being removed is the standalone Ray Tracing system that has been developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Hope this helps to answer your problem!

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this is comment from Daniel Wright, unreal developer

**"Nvidia gtx 1000 series have only emulated ray tracing, which is so slow that it gives a **
**very poor experience out of the box. You can use ray tracing anyway with **
r.D3D12.DXR.AllowEmulatedRayTracing=1 in ConsoleVariables.ini"

but unfoundedly this console command stopped working in source code

I hope epic adds this console command for gtx 1000 again

With the recent release It’s still deprecated… really sad to see the lack of support for GTX users, It was working perfectly In UE5 EA2.