Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

Congrats! It absolutely deserves it! :]

I haven’t purchased this yet, but I plan to. I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this to come to the marketplace. You not only did it, but you included a comprehensive set of features. As someone mentioned earlier multiplayer/co-op support on this would be the cherry on top - but even without it you have a very valuable pack here. The support I’ve seen you provide in the thread to your customers is also reassuring. Do you have any plans for feature updates out of curiosity? Keep up the amazing work, and congrats on winning the top pick! =)

Thank you! I would like to add new features to kit, but unfortunately I cant due legal reasons - I had to sign NDA that dont allow me to do this. I wanted to make all in one package but didnt have enough time to add multiplayer.

Hey Marcin!

Thanks for the explanation. That’s totally fine, as you said you pretty much did make an all in one package. I look forward to purchasing this soon. =)

Hi again Marcin,
Little by little I am studying the blueprints of your kit. I have one question thought. When you will have a spare time, can you make a tutorial on youtube how to add animations for weapon switch. It should be fairly easy, what I am after is when you press E key, not only wepon changes in hands like it does now, but before it changes the animation would need to play. You can use the same animation that is currently used for reloading. Just how do I make this anim play before the weapon actually changes in hand when you press E key.
If you could do this tutorial in your spare time, that would be great.

Thank you for your feedback. It should be similar logic like with weapon reload. I will try to do some walkthrough in spare time.

Thanks a lot, that would be amazing.

It looks really awesome :slight_smile:

Let me ask, how difficult would be make this kit capable for multiplayer or coop project? I know i should create spawning and matchmaking, but other tutorials could be enough which deal with mutliplayer functions?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ill be getting this soon…cant wait!!!

This kit still remains, IMO, the best blueprint base currently available on the marketplace. Sadly, my stuck-in-the-early-2000s game editing skills have resulted in issues like switching to aiming mode next to walls let’s you see through them (gotta learn how to use blocking volumes).

One issue has been bugging me, though (as seen 'round the 0:39 mark in that video). I’ve changed the player model to the Matinee Demo one as per the instructions in hamsterPL’s tutorial, but now the shotgun has been rendered somewhat useless since it seems to fire inside itself.

As seen here:


So the muzzle flash appears in the correct place and I think the sockets haven’t been changed either, but the shotgun pellet itself gets fired from the middle of the shotgun. I’ve tried to edit the player blueprint and the guns’ skeletal mesh properties to try to fix the issue, but haven’t succeeded.

Any idea what I might have overlooked?

Im guessing that socket is in pelvis. Does socket has correct name? You can also check from where bullet ismcoming from. Look for debug - shot trace. That might help.

I think its moderatly difficult. You would need to script/design behavior for for example, which player AI should shoot first, can 2 players overlap each other while being on ladder and so on. As for general shooting and match making, I think you will find tutorials online.

As far as I can tell, both the skeleton for ThirdPersonoKit\SK_Mannequin and the Trooper have the same ShotgunSocket (with the same name) in the same location of the skeleton. But I’ll try that debug - shot trace, thanks!

Hi @hamsterPL

I intend purchasing it very soon. But I have some doubts, suggestions, ideas. I do not know, maybe you have already implemented it.

About the ai class jumping obstacles, it`s a very cool implementation. Is it done using jumping properties inside character movement component in ai parent class, and works in the same way as the player does, handling a action event, using Jump + JumpZVelocity nodes, but this time stated in ai parent class?

And flying ai, Is it a Six-DOF path-finding and navmesh combination?

One more question:
Players can collecting ammo, weapons, health, correct!
Is possible make the ai pawns behave in the same way as the human player (regarding to pick-able items) by changing weapons, also collecting health (when in low health), ammo or a new weapon (when in low ammo). And dropping weapons and ammo when killed by player?

Sorry for the various issues covered.


Jumping AI - you can use both :slight_smile: There is variable “Launch Character” - If set to true, AI will be launched with given velocity. If set to false, AI will trigger normal jump

Flying bot/AI - no, it does not using any nav mesh.

AI pawns collecting pick ups - yes and no :stuck_out_tongue: AI pawns now dont react for pick ups at all. Well simple collecting should be easy - you just need to change collision to react on AI mesh. You can also easly set amount of ammo for AI. As for separate looking for a pick up - it’s more complicated and need to be designed - when AI should look for pick up? Which is more important? What if another AI is running for the same pick up? And so on, so there is a lot of cases to set it up properly and it could take some time.

Hey @hamsterPL

OK Flying bot/AI “no, it does not using any navmesh”, it’s uses splines movements, it`s like an railroad system, all right. But there any chance to implement something like the flying bots to react to the player presence in a more realistic way, searching for enemy players ID, moving up and down Including diagonal movements, and rotating to facing the enemy player direction using behavior tree, tasks and EQS or perhaps configurable volume for reacting to player (presence, movement or attack) using splines pathfinder for searching, patrol and moving along predefined way-points. I would love to see something like this in the Third Person Shooter Kit. There are any chance to implementing something like this in the Third Person Shooter Kit or developing another marketplace asset? Because, I think, the way the flying bots shown in the showcase video, behaves better for a side scroller game, and it’s very strange for a TPS or FPS.

And bots changing weapons, looking for and reacting to pickups would be a very good shoot.

Thanks for your attention.
-Luny and Splines pathfinder for flying bots feedback

Well I don’t know how to create “3D navmesh” but one guy already did it and share it for free as a plugin. I’ve downloaded it some time ago and it worked fine :slight_smile:
Check this out

Hey again!

2 months ago, I bought this one character model from TurboSquid and couldn’t get it properly imported into UE4… long story short, I finally managed to get it imported in the UE4 basic Third Person Shooter template where it works pretty nicely.

Sadly, the imported model had to be 50 x scaled in the character blueprint so it’d actually be correctly sized and work properly.

So while it works quite smoothly in the most minimal of templates, I can’t get it properly imported to the TPS Kit, because scaling the character model in BP_TPPCharacter also scales the guns at the same time. Sadly, reimporting the model 50 x larger doesn’t work even in the minimal template, because then the animations won’t get imported for the new character model properly at all.

So I was thinking, is there a quick way for me to have the new character model scaled by 50 x for the BP_TPPCharacter? I have also tried adding all the weapon sockets etc. from the TPS Kit Mannequin into my new character model, but the guns don’t appear in their correct places (and 50 x larger, of course) and the message log is bound with (animation related) errors.

And yes, the new character model uses its own skeleton that has been retargeted to the UE4 Mannequin one.

Hey @hamsterPL
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already tried the DoN’s 3D-Pathfinding some time ago. And sorry for insisting in certain features

I will get the Kit yet in the marketplace, but I can say everything in TPSK seems very good, beginning with the cover system, action animations and movements, several gameplay features… But anyway I want it =)

About DoN’s 3D-Pathfinding . This is C ++, and the problem with it is, everything needs to be modified using C++.

DoN’s 3D-Pathfinding only uses a source point and a destination point as movement directives, does not is possible to create various waypoints (pathnodes along the spline) to configure idle delay, perimeter patrol, etc by, in each waypoint independently. The best in this system is the ability to avoid obstacles after modifying any geometry at-runtime.

For flying bot movement ia, I thought about something more cool, simple and more functional:
Something like the Pathnode system that you have used in Human AI Pathnodes. Shown in your features level gameplay at 9:47: ,apllied in anything like Six-DOF_Flying_Pawn BP:

To avoiding obstacles someone once suggested for me an article about rebuilding navigation at-runtime after modifying geometry with no C++ code. Article:

About collecting ammo and items I found something. [MENTION=1001]Daniel Broder[/MENTION] shows a screenshot about BT containing a Needs Ammo Blackboard. This is the Shooter Game Example.

(The same thing could works whell using a Needs Weapon more a Weapon Change.)

It’s weird that your model is 50 downscaled. Did you try to scale this up in 3D editor like Blender or 3Ds max and then import it into engine?

Awesome asset! I have a problem with the elevator though… press “F” gets stuck in a loop in a win build, I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong! :wink: