Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

I’ve been away for couple weeks, ton of work as usually. I sidetracked a bit and reworked melee attacks system. As usual - I thought it will take much less time. It is just animation swap right? Not exactly… I wanted to do it systemic and scalable, as less logic invasive as possible. On the go I decided to extend it with combo attacks feature, where you can add as many attacks as you like, without touching blueprints. On top of that, I reanimated all animations for melee attacks. I had animations from motion capture, from animators… but after putting them in game, they didn’t look good.
So I paid for them and I had to redo them anyway… All of this took about 2 weeks (mainly weekends). Would be much faster if I would not have to reanimate stuff. So it was fairly quick. This is good example of well designed feature, where implementation is in blueprints straight forward and when I’m focused. Similar like previous mechanics, settings and definitions are exposed to anim data, so you can change/add new attacks/animations without blueprint compiling, even without turning off the game. This data asset can be set per character. Additionally I made data asset for melee impacts itself, so when character is hitting wall, then different particle and sound can be spawned then hitting flesh.

What’s new:

  • Melee system redesign: Now melee new melee attacks can be easily added and changed even during runtime. Attacks can be assigned per weapon grip type.
  • New combo system: User can make combo with various amounts of attacks without changing any logic, also working on runtime.
  • New melee attacks - strong punch, 3 hit combo, sprint flying kick
  • New hit reactions - strong flinch
  • Melee attacks set can assigned per character

Overview for all attacks -

Updated rifle attack animation - [](

Hello everyone!

I have some important news regarding production of big update for TPS Kit.

I will split this big update into 2 phases. This project is massive. I didn’t think it would take me so much time to finish it. It is pretty much like making full game, if not more, since I need to make systems for various scenarios.
Also my colleagues who are helping me, recommended this.

Looks like I will have to invest even more money into it (I lost count but I guess now it is around $14000 in assets alone and growing) so one reason is to get some of that money back and earn for more assets/hire more people, get some help.

I plan to split production this way:

Phase A aka TPS Kit v2 : Release it with what I have now, plus with updated animations to current features that are in TPS Kit. Additionally before release, I want to share free playable packaged demo version with some example level for everyone to play, give feedback, report any bugs etc. Demo would be released no sooner than in second half of June and update released no sooner than in second half of July. It will include everything what’s green in road map plus:

  1. Jumping rework – including fall damage and roll, since it is big part of jumping already
  2. Camera system update
  3. Finished cover system – everything from that section except spline cover and cover slip
  4. Refactors – explosive barrel, turret, surveillance camera – shooting and damaging changed, I have new models, current version doesn’t work anymore, so it needs revision
  5. Ladder – partial rework – animation update, movement based on root motion, entry from jumping
  6. AI anim BP rework – this need to be done, to support new shooting logic
  7. New animations, sounds, weapon models, VFX
  8. Example demo level, done with basic models (whitebox)

Price would go up after release. Free for current owners of TPS Kit.

Phase B aka TPS Kit v3: Everything else from road map, including new demo level. Similarly, free demo for try before release. Price would go up again. Free for current owners of TPS Kit. Release date TBD.

Link to roadmap: TPS Kit Roadmap Detailed - Google Sheets

Let me know what you think about this plan, also whether there any essential features that you need.

hamsterPL I have fixed 4.26.2 so Chaos works. Any chance you could fix your shooter so it would fracture GC’s? thanks. Still waiting for grenades.

Fracture GC? What is GC?

Geometry Collection. From Chaos. You need to get up to date. Look at my youtube site. (euler sosa) Euler Sosa - YouTube

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Latest videos from incoming udpdate:

Updated low cover animations for walk and idle. Front aiming logic. Still needs some work TPS Kit - low cover updates - YouTube

New pistol sci fi model in action TPS Kit - sci fi pistol - YouTube

Is there a way to deactivate an enemy’s AI and leave it crouched until some event occurs?

UPDATE NEWS: I started refactoring old stuff. Turret was first in line, since it is hardest to do and I need to prepare it for sound designer. It took much more time then I expected as usual. Good news is that I learned a lot from it and
that logic can be used to other blueprints like camera and flying bot. Doing that I noticed many other bugs so I took care of them also. Next probably I will go back to animations for sniper rifle,
and then finally to finish cover system. Then few more smaller things and camera system rework. Fortunately I have it designed already. Sound designer and weapon artist are delayed because of personal problems.

What’s new:
Turret updates:

  • new visuals - model (from Paragon), animations, detection cone
  • optimization
  • new sounds (still work in progress)
  • standby mode is now visualized
  • turret faction is now visualized
  • uses same weapon system as player and NPC, so changing weapon and adding more variations are super quick now
    Shield updates:
  • new visuals - new shader and tweaked effects
  • systemic approach - now with shield component, it can be added to any actor very easily
    Panel button connectivity - now you can connect blueprints from level directly to button panel, to trigger logic on button activation.
    Throwing - visuals update for grenade explosion radius circle and trajectory color


Yeah, I think so. I guess it would be to StopLogic on brain component

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Other latest news:
Compatibility with 4.27 is live.

Latest work in progress videos from incoming update:

Jumping and landing rework: Third Person Shooter Kit - jumping and landing improvements for incoming update - YouTube
Exploding barrel rework: TPS Kit - exploding barrel - improvements for incoming update - YouTube
Sniper rifle animations: TPS Kit - Sniper rifle and FPP reload animations improvements for incoming update - YouTube

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Latest work in progress media from incoming update (TPS Kit v2):

Sliding improvements: TPS Kit - Sliding improvements - YouTube
Exploding barrel improvements: TPS Kit - exploding barrel - improvements for incoming update - YouTube
Sci fi sniper bolt rifle model:

Updates roadmap: TPS Kit Roadmap Detailed - Google Sheets

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Latest work in progress media from incoming update (TPS Kit v2.0):

Flying Sentry Turret rework: Third Person Shooter Kit - Flying Sentry Turret improvements for incoming update - YouTube