Third Person Shooter Kit - Cover system, Human AI, Paragon characters, QTE & new stuff is coming!

Directional blood splashes preview, which will come with incoming TPS Kit update.
TPS Kit is still on sale!
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**hamsterPL any progress on the upgrade. Grenade, site. **

Hi! I don’t know if it’s the right place to report a bug. When I retarget animations on version 4.23, it crashes. When I retarget animations on version 4.21, it works. My custom skeleton has exactly the same bones as Paragon TwinBlast. Does it mean I’m stuck with the 4.21 version? (Yeah, I tried to migrate my character, but when I migrate my character from 4.21 to 4.23, some root motion animations like rolling don’t work).

I’ve isolated the problem and the bug is in all RECOIN animations. When you try to retarget those animations from 4.22 version above, the engine crashes. However, retargeting works on the 4.21 version.

Okay. Bug reported.

EDITED: The creator said 4.25 version fixed it. I’ll try it and come back for feedback.

CONFIRMED. Retargeting animations work in the 4.25 version. (Despite I cannot use this version because I use Windows 7).

It is going forward definitely. I hired more outsource to speed things up (additional animations and art) Finishing up very important part which is locomotion. I really want to do it without bugs, high quality, that’s why it takes time, but locomotion is very hard, because it is very subjective if it looks good enough. I’m planning some bigger video, but I’m postponing it every week, because I want to show you guys more stuff, and more finished features. I think when I will finish locomotion and aiming, I will make a bigger video showing progress (weapon attachments, some new FX, locomotion, AI throwing grenades, AI picking up items/weapons) I’m aiming for September, but obviously can’t be 100% sure if they won’t be any surprises along the way. What’s positive is that quality is very good and I manged to make pretty advanced stuff already. I already got some new animation delivered so I can share. That’s not all of them and also they are work in progress

I think we talked about it on Discord. It is engine crash, not content, so I can’t do anything about it, but Epic fixed it in 4.25 as you said. What you can do is to retarget on 4.25 and then migrate to older engine version.

Another set of mocaped animations for Third Person Shooter Kit incoming update.

Take a look at this video Using character creator 3 and the kit.

Good job! :slight_smile:

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Some incoming update progress video:
Traversal improvements for Third Person Shooter Kit incoming update. Jumping is still work in progress.

any idea when the update will be ready? can’t wait :slight_smile:

Hey! Hard to say…still a lot of work left, I was aiming for Cyberpunk release but I think it will slip.
This is some new info regarding incoming update:

Update news:

  • completely refactored aiming system. Now it is very easy to add new weapon grip (holding type). No coding is required, just adding assets to data asset.
  • procedural recoil - can be seen in games like Division 2 or Metal Gear Solid 5
  • new reloading animations for pistol and rifle, for TPP and FPP cameras
  • spawning magazine with physics during reloading
  • skeleton and animations for pistol, rifle and shotgun
  • gun sway in FPP
  • improvements for holster pose in FPP - now it is ok to look around, before camera was clipping and character was switching to aiming in wrong circumstances
  • dither opacity material function - added to weapon materials, activated when mesh is close, to avoid clipping with camera
  • much smoother transition in FPP between aiming and holster
  • much smoother transition in FPP during reloading
  • reloading in FPP without resting aiming angle - before upper body was rotating to default position which caused camera clipping
  • recoil applied to aim offset properly - before it might look bad when character was aiming left for example and recoil animation was applied, character was push not from weapon direction but from mesh direction
  • transition between FPP and TPP during reloading
  • added option to alter aiming pose per weapon using IK target location - no coding required, just setting values in data asset
  • ton of smaller improvements that I don’t remember anymore

That took almost 2 months of work, although I was slowed down by injury with fractured bone.
If something looks great on this video it means it took a lot of work.
FX are placeholders and audio is not final on this video.

Incoming update news:

  • new animations for weapon change, for standing, crouch and jog
  • new stealth kill animations
  • updated grenade throwing and picking up items, while holding a gun
  • successfully switched project to UE 4.25

Cover system - locomotion improvements for incoming update
What’s new:

  • complete locomotion for cover system (enter, exit, stand, crouch, armed, unarmed)
  • camera zoom while aiming in unarmed mode
  • improved jog animations for unarmed state
    Feel free to post any feedback or feature requests!

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Third Person Shooter Kit update for UE 4.26 is now live - it is same version like 4.25 so you can easily convert it.

Do you have the upgrades in 4.26?

Not yet, it is same version as 4.25 is. You can check road map here, and see what’s done…it?usp=sharing

Just loaded 4.26. None of the upgrades are their. Getting tried of waiting.

Third Person Shooter Kit is now on Winter Sale with 50% off price! Third Person Shooter Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Update is not released yet. Roadmap is here…it?usp=sharing. Engine version doesn’t matter.

**hamsterPL Just recovering my account(theprofessor). It is now “professor687”. Times are hard. Grenades yet. **

I’ve been away for couple weeks, ton of work as usually. I sidetracked a bit and reworked melee attacks system. As usual - I thought it will take much less time. It is just animation swap right? Not exactly… I wanted to do it systemic and scalable, as less logic invasive as possible. On the go I decided to extend it with combo attacks feature, where you can add as many attacks as you like, without touching blueprints. On top of that, I reanimated all animations for melee attacks. I had animations from motion capture, from animators… but after putting them in game, they didn’t look good.
So I paid for them and I had to redo them anyway… All of this took about 2 weeks (mainly weekends). Would be much faster if I would not have to reanimate stuff. So it was fairly quick. This is good example of well designed feature, where implementation is in blueprints straight forward and when I’m focused. Similar like previous mechanics, settings and definitions are exposed to anim data, so you can change/add new attacks/animations without blueprint compiling, even without turning off the game. This data asset can be set per character. Additionally I made data asset for melee impacts itself, so when character is hitting wall, then different particle and sound can be spawned then hitting flesh.

What’s new:

  • Melee system redesign: Now melee new melee attacks can be easily added and changed even during runtime. Attacks can be assigned per weapon grip type.
  • New combo system: User can make combo with various amounts of attacks without changing any logic, also working on runtime.
  • New melee attacks - strong punch, 3 hit combo, sprint flying kick
  • New hit reactions - strong flinch
  • Melee attacks set can assigned per character

Overview for all attacks -

Updated rifle attack animation - [

TPS Kit - Melee attacks system improvements for incoming update - YouTube](