Third Person Open World RPG

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Here is a sample of our music:








Some basic systems of our game, please don’t mind graphics or anything else at this point, as it’s just for testing:**

(it has regeneration system for stamina currently. When player stops moving it regenerates, if he moves, it stops regenerating.)


**Project Title/Game Name: **
Ichor(meaning the blood of the gods)

The creation of the world was made by the Ancient One, from him came 3 gods(the one is our hero), those gods in fear of the Ancient One’s power put him to eternal sleep, 1 god left the world ashamed of his actions. The other 2 Gods forced humanity to mine gold as gold for them was a source of energy. Humanity after many years is in the brick of destruction. And as such, some priests of the old tradition have gathered to a temple to bring back the forsaken one(god-our hero) to bring balance and free humanity from the bounds of the 2 gods.
The god that left has become weak and starts fading in the sands of time as he does not take part on the energy taking the other 2 gods have established.
Our hero is being summoned by the priests who praise the ancient one through a ritual on an ancient temple but they do not have much energy as they give everything to the gods and as such he has come with flesh and blood but has forgotten much, he must regain memory and make his blood ichor in order to become god again.
Ichor is the blood that flows only at god’s veins. Inactive ichor has a red color but when activated it is cyan.
The game starts at the ancient temple where the priests-mages have summoned our hero.

Tense atmosphere.
Medieval Fantsay
Third person view point.
PC port only.

It will have all the things a classical medieval fantasy rpg contains. Meaning inventory system, dialogue system, swords, bows, magic.

Team/Studio Name:
Arhaikos Studio

Team Structure:

  • Innos (Project Creator & Project Manager) - Blueprint/Storry writter/Game Designer
  • SettimaSounds - Composer
  • Mark - C++/Blueprints
  • LonesomeSoldier - C++/Blueprints/3D Modeller
  • Jedi - 3D Artist, Generalist
  • ggtfim - Concept Artist
  • Kevin - Concept Artist
  • Woody Wu - Blueprints/ C++
  • Jgibbins2- Sound Designer/ Story Writter
  • Muiz - 3D modeller
  • Ciprian - 3D modeller/Concept Artist
  • Trevor - Animator

**Previous Work:
**N/A - First title.

This is my first serious project

Talent Required:

  • 3D Modellers - Artists will have to work with high poly, not low poly
  • Riggers
  • Animators
  • Level Designer
  • Technical Artist

Not made yet.


  • Pm me here
  • E-mail me: arhaikos[at]yahoo[dot]gr
  • Add me on skype. Skype name is under my forum name

The game will be strictly third person open world rpg. Depending on the size of the team, the landscape will be larger or smaller with more or less content.
If you take part, you must agree from now that you will be paid when the games makes money. I am serious about finishing this project but that doesn’t mean that I will die for it. I have a personal life too and enough duties… So I am looking for people who we can work if they can everyday for 1-2 hours and if they want more depending on their personal duties…
I am not seeking the perfect team members as I am a newbie myself too but I am eager to learn and I like getting my hands dirty. I look forward meeting the same people!
I do not like to mock people as I do not like people to mock me. So if you can afford making a contract with me to get sure you’ll get the money when the game gets money, it’s totally fine by me but I won’t spent a penny on making contracts from people worldwide as I don’t know you personally and you may want to leave during the development, and the money from contract will be a waste… But there will be an official contract before we publish the game. I adress this now so you won’t tell me otherwise later. I like clean skies and I am speaking straight forward. If you don’t want to make contract with me then I can only give you my promise that all team members will get EQUALLY paid and not even me as a project manager will get a penny more. The profits will be equally shared. I can’t really do anything more than that…

PS: I want the team members to have their own ideas on what they are making and I want them to give me an output right from their heart. In the end we are going to sell “us” on the game and nothing else!

Thanks for hearing me out.
If you are interested, reply here with your contact info or pm me or add me on skype

Looks interesting, i added you on skype.

Thanks, I’ll accept you on skype when I’m home at night. (10 pm gmt+3, approximately 10 hours from now)

SettimaSounds has been added to our team. My first post got updated
Anyone else wiling?

And the 1001 post of a newbie gamedev who assumes he can make a game with a workload for 20-30 professionals but do it with some unexperienced hobby guys with just some hours per week each.
Gosh, can’t we have a filter in this forum on realisticness?

Hello there,

No one said it’s gonna be a AAA game. But building an open world game by newbies is realistic don’t you think?
Multiple newbies can work on multiple threads and come up with a very nice outcome too. I do realise that you are fed up seeing all those posts of newbie devs but trust me that I got some realism on that… I don’t expect to build the next skyrim but I’ll try my best to make it worth playing. Is this so bad?

Building a open world game by newbies is possible yes but if you have atleast 700$ to invest in marketplace assets and the skill to use them properly. If you are newbie and without money you will 100% fail

And because you are the best buyer of the marketplace, you think that everyone MUST do the same?
Try to make something of your own, it’s not that tough mate
Being a newbie doesn’t mean you are an idiot… You just need time to get comfortable with the engine.

If you are interested on continuing this discussion, please continue it elsewhere

Just trying to help:

a) if you buy features (Inventory-system, dialogue system, …) from the marketplace you have to know how they work, modify them to youre needs and make them work together. If you dont buy features then youre team (comin and goin people) have to build them, which took months or more for good people to archieve.

b) this does not work for graphic assets, as you cant buy stuff together from the marketplace like a medieval set, a sci-fi set and get a convincing looking game in youre chosen style which could be anime 1970ties.

So cut down youre target to something you can archieve, like a prototype map with some features and assets (e.g. some animated characters) that youre team created by themself, then you can calculate how long it will take for the whole game.

Thanks for trying to help, but I don’t need to. I have read countless posts on this and I know how to approach it. There are numerous tutorials on almost everything and a beatiful community here to hear my pain when I’m stuck. So please do me the favour and stop helping me the way you do, because you are really ruining my thread…

I gave you an advice so calm down no need to get that angry. And you are basically doing exactly the same thing , you are searching for others to do stuff for you like 3D Artists ,Concept Artists ,3D Character Artists ,Programmer (C++ or blueprint) ,Story Writter/s, by promising them money if you succeed so keep that advice for yourself. Have fun building your game, hope you will succeed.

Please keep this discussion on topic, recruitment threads are not the place to be discussing issues like this.

If you would like to continue this discussion, please create a new thread in the General Discussion section of the forum. Any further posts that are off topic will be removed.

Thank you.

Basically it’d be best if all the upper posts could get deleted… Everyone comes shooting your thread and call this “help”, yea right.
And Axxi, I didn’t get angry, I I don’t want others to build a game for me, but as a team to build a game. I keep my right to be the project owner because of an issue I discuss on my first post. But you obviously are too blinded with giving me your help, that you didn’t even read my first post…

Because when game developers post realistic starter games the beginner devs don’t want to partake in a boring, simplistic, unattractive game, or whatever thought goes through their heads.

I currently have a post looking for a 2d artist, super easy task, no one is interested. Besides art the project is practically complete. I would jump on an opportunity like that but I suppose that’s just me. I’m realistic.

Decided to brush up on some art tutorials since it’s mostly seamless texture work and very light 2d character animations, and just do it myself. I’d personally love to join a team for a larger – reasonable project – but I know how that plays out. Inexperienced people become discouraged and quit rather than take the time to learn or start small.

To the original poster: Do you have any past work to show? Even little bits that you’ve practiced with? You mentioned this was your first serious project so you must have some previous work? For such a large project I’d like to know what I’d potentially be working with. Thanks.

First of all thanks for your interest.
I can guarantee you that I am a fast learner and won’t quit till we publish it. I can show you the inventory system I am working on atm, add me on skype.
Basically all this time I have been experimenting with landscapes, world composition and almost everything I can get my hands into, I have pics of these too if you want me to show you. But I really wanna make such a project and learn everything through this amazing experience!

In any way, add me on skype if you’d like more info about the project and everything …

Edit: Let me just add this… I have previous experience with C# and I can underestand programming logic quite well. In the past I have made some applications in my free time just for hobby as well as installers for my applications. Basically I love to program as I see the fruits of my labor in the end, I like having my head troubled and bumped on the wall trying to figure out a solution. Can’t say anything more than that…

Anyone else interested? It didn’t really work out with “WannaBeGnome” because of the time difference we have in europe and the time in the US. So please consider that too.

Hi! I’ve added you on Skype. I’m very interested on joining your team group! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for applying Mark! I’ll see you on skype!

Anyone else interested? Any artist willing to take his chances with the project?


I am interested to work on a project with a team, I believe I can give valuable contribution with Blueprint, C++ and 3D modeling (Max).

Please let me know if you are interested.