Third Person Crouch Function


So, I’m using the third person template to learn some things, but I was using it as a first person game (placing the camera in the face of the character).The thing is, the Crouch function does not seem to work with the third person template, so I made a simple blueprint to make the character crouch, but when I use the timeline to make the camera go down and release ctrl, it take a little while to play it in reverse. The longer I keep ctrl pressed, the longer it takes to start playing the timeline in reverse.

Is there a better way of doing this? Making the crouch function work, or something.

Btw, I am hiding the character and updating the colision to match the camera’s height, because I only wanted the character’s animation with the camera, making the camera tilt as it walks. The collision stuff I would take care of later.


Did you ty the crouch function? You can enable it in the character movement tab.

Yeah, I did! The ‘Can crouch’ box, right? For some reason it doesn’t work … The timeline is really that slow? I made the same thing to narrow the field of view of the cameraby pressing the RMB and it worked very well … maybe it’s the Relative Location function, I don’t know haha

I’ll keep trying here, thanks! :slight_smile:

Well i haven’t done this with a timeline. Everything i did forr me to work was,
I got the C event and from the pressed output i put a node called “crouch“ and from release i put “uncrouch“. Of course you could do it with a flipflopto crouch and uncrouch only whwn you pressed C. Maybe this works. Just try!

I’m having similar issues using the built in Crouch and Uncrouch options in 4.13.
I’ve activated the ability for the character to crouch and bind it to C. Then when I press C, I can tell that it’s technically working because the camera moves a very small amount but oddly enough it moves up about a single unit. I can’t find anywhere inside the character’s default settings where to specify the height when crouched. The only option is the Crouched Eye Height but when I change this value, it makes no difference. I’ve also taken then third person template and moved the camera into the head so it’s a full body first person perspective.