Third party library not functioning properly in UE4?

I created a library, both static and dynamic, in Visual Studio 2015 that has two functions, which utilize additional libraries, and tested both of these functions in a console application to ensure they work as expected. I then created a third party plugin in UE4 and attached my library. The plugin works as expected and does not cause errors or UE4 to freeze. However, the code utilizing the additional libraries in my functions does not seem to be functioning properly. Again, the plugin completely works, but for instance, some objects that are created using the additional libraries read null where they shouldn’t. In addition to including the libraries I built, do I also need to connect the additional libraries mine depend on? I, of course, connected these additional libraries in my own library build, but do these also need to be included in the third party plugin? And if so, exactly where do I need to specify them?

Thank you!