Thinking about doing a baseline VRChat style client where friends can join and hang out in VR

Can anyone here offer general advice on doing something like this?
What hurdles are involved with getting a paragon character to work properly with full body or arms for example?
Voice communication coming from a characters world location would also be pretty important. Though the first pass on this I might just test with a Discord chat open in the background.

To me it seems like the hardest part will be getting the characters to animate properly. Can anyone offer advice on where to start to do that?

My long term goal with something like this would be to create something that is a very basic decentralized VRChat style system with a basic server browser that pretty much anyone can use to connect with friends and hang out using various avatars. Possibly down the road have it be an alternative to VRChat.

Its just something I want to tinker around for a bit.

Sir! If you decide to really get into development, keep in touch. VRC today looks like a social network of the decade before last, we need an alternative on UE.

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If you plan to make a vr chat like app on ue4, let’s collaborate, I’m with you

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yoo if you guys i am down to help any way possible. plus Epic Online Services 'Voice' | Free Voice Chat | Unreal Engine - YouTube that video show free voice chat. you know how much more stress free be and less lag as well. Think the possibility

i also have this idea in my head for a long time. let’s make it.