Thin lines blurring from afar

I have a lot of things in my game that are comprised of thin lines. The problem is, when I zoom out, the lines become very pixelated and merge together, ruining the look of the game. For example:

This is what my basketball looks like close up:

And this is what it looks like when I run my game:

I am running cinematic graphics settings.

dat epic.

btw - can i look on your materials and opacity mask texture and resolution + LOD settings for mesh.
and its look i dont see any AA :frowning:

The basketball consists of a mesh where there are two different materials showing; the main part of the ball and the lines. I am simply using a fully rough orange texture on the ball part, and a fully rough black texture on the lines. But I haven’t got AA on so I’ll try that first. I seemed to misunderstand all the posts about AA related to this issue and ended up turning all my AA off :confused:

The lines may be too thin for them to be visible. AA is meant to help make edges that are not vertical or horizontal look smooth rather than pixelated, it would help with those lines as long as they aren’t too small to be visible anyways.