Thermal Shader

Evening Everyone

Ive been trying to create a thermal shader using a lookupcolourmap and post processing but so far ive been unable to achieve what im after. is anyone aware of any methods which could be used to get what I desire ive left a picture below to show what im after

as you can see its nothing really fancy just simple.


One (awkward) way would be to swap out all your asset materials for objects with blue colors and put an orange one on the characters and rive up the emissive…
No post process needed, except for some blur :stuck_out_tongue:

You can write post-process material and use it in blendables inside Post Process Volume: Post Process Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation
I guess this thread might be helpful for you: Thermal/Heat? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

yeah i was looking into that thread before creating this and it seems that the method described no longer works due to the sceneTexture:scenecolour module not being allowed inside a post process material anymore :frowning: otherwise that method would of been perfect

If you want to do it in a 100% correct way, you need to use some sort of temperature texture for all materials. For example Arma 3 and VBS have a quite complex way of doing it: Customer Portal | BISim

Edit: one way would be to have a master material and then interpolate between some emissive texture set and the “normal” material textures. Then drive the interpolation by some parameter that can be changed in code. So when the thermal imaging device (or whatever you have) is turned on for the view, the materials switch to showing the emissive temperature texture only.