There's no real way to HIDE the HUD on a PER PLAYER basis - This is important!

The reason this is important is

  1. I want to create my own UI using Verse blended with current Fortnite HUD elements.
  2. I want to show Cutscenes to individual players without showing the Fortnite HUD.

The problems:

  • In Verse, the HUD elements only effect the playspace - meaning all players are effected - this is bad.
  • In the HUD Controller Device you can filter by Class or Team, however Class does not work without respawning the player and Team only works if players are the only member of that team!

It is impossible for me to create a clean, custom UI or display cinematic cutscenes without full control of all of the Fortnite HUD elements on a per player basis!

I was looking at this issue too, I found this function which could be interesting :

# Deprecated. This function affects all players. Please use `fort_playspace.GetHUDController().HideElements()`.
    # Hides a set of HUD elements.

I’m wondering really hard why it is noted as deprecated, since it looks like it can do it on a per player basis and they don’t seem to have brought a replacement to it.

Did not try the function yet, I might just do.

EDIT: This function does as it says (in the comments), it updates for every players…

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I agree, there’s still no effective way

Can you not just use the hud device like we do in creative to hide the hud, it can provide a clean screen from many if not all displays. You could even enable/disable as you need displays on/off

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You don’t have to respawn to change a players class, untick the respawn on class change setting.

Instead of respawning, if it doesn’t take effect without a respawn (which it should) could you not run 2 triggers in sync immediately afterwards, first to save player data (including class) second to load save data? worth a shot if nothing else.

Wanna bump this, we should be able to disable HUD elements on a per player basis in Verse or at least be able to use the HUD controller device to register/unregister different players, rather than having to change their team or class and respawn them.

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Bumping this thread as well! Still also not sure how I’m supposed to hide HUD Messages on a per player basis in Verse!


Bumping, hope this ever gets addressed


Bumping, Hud devices have a Show function with Agent input so I’m confused why there is not one for Hide

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bump as well, cuz i need it.
When making custom crosshair maps it annoys that u change the reticle settings for all players when shooting a trigger.

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This issue is still not addressed, please revisit and fix

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I have encountered this limitation in the past and I don’t think there is a solution at the moment so I upvoted this one.

To workarond this, you can create an empty HudMessageDevice and show it to the screen anytime you want to remove a different hud. The only issue is when having huds on different layers, youll need multiple of these empty Huds. But basically you are going to need to logically keep track of the states of players huds to ensure they are always being drawn the proper one given your situations. You get 5 layers to work with on the hud message device, also, I think you should turn off the priority setting on all the hud message devices, so when you call your blank one to show, it will remove the hud element on the same layer immediately.

Edit: Also, if you have multiple hud elements on the same layer (not even sure if thats possible off the top of my head), this means youll need to redraw those elements on the same layer that get erased if you were still wanting them to display. Ultimately I would try grouping the huds logically so I could wipe away certain layers as a whole, but it should be entirely possible to achieve what you were wanting with the cinematic using this empty Hud technique, as long as you track hud states/logic very carefully.

Also you can have unlimited UI layers by copying (Ctrl+C) an index number and right clicking on the field and selecting paste. Seems the 5 layer limit is only an arbitrary limit of the editor’s property field range.