There was no C++ version of Unreal's VR Template, so I made one.

I made this originally for UE 4.14 but this past week I updated it for UE 4.16.2, and created a package for installing it as a template.

Check it out here: GitHub - sclark39/UE-VR-Code-Sample: Virtual Reality sample converted from Blueprint to C++ project

The sample project contains both the blueprint and the code files, but if you want to use it as a template there is a different package you can use to install the template into Unreal.

Sample Project:

Template Package, with install instructions:

I would like to get this into the engine, but since there are binary files I can’t just make a pull request. If anyone can tell me how to submit it for inclusion please let me know.

i’ve been looking for this. thanks a lot!

Any chance this is updated to 4.19? They’ve removed some VR stuff and it’s no longer compiling into 4.19