There seems to be a "baked" reflection on some of my windows

Hi, I tried to find anything about this problem but I couldn’t find another forum post. Sometimes I get a weird problem in my windows. There seems to be a baked reflection on it. The reflection doesn’t move when the player camera moves and looks unrealistic and odd. I am using the glass material from the starter pack, a slightly modified instance of it.

I have 2 box reflection captures, one on each side of the window (one inside and one outside). Sometimes I can fix the problem by slightly moving the edge of the box capture but then it pops up somewhere else. It seems to be caused by the box reflection capture but I am not sure.

Anyone has an idea how to avoid this or what causes it?

It is the reflection capture, that’s how they work. The rendering engine picks the most relevant reflection capture for a given surface and then uses that for the reflection environment.

Yeah I know that but usually they don’t “bake” a static reflection into a mesh. It’s almost as if there would be a light or shadow map on the glass. Sometimes it is just a bright light or even the sun. I’m pretty sure that’s not like they are designed. If I use a mirror material with a roughness of 0 then I do see a low res image of the environment in it depending on the angle I look at it and not a static baked image like in this case.

It disappears if I move the inside reflection cube further inside but then there isn’t any reflection left on the inside and the frames look too “blue”. Maybe it is because the reflection would be “on the wrong side” if you know what I mean. It should be inside but it is actually on the outside of the glass. It looks like some sort of bug to me. Could be caused by the material as well.

In a standard game there would probably not be a 2 cm glass pane with totally different reflection on either side. So maybe it is a limitation of the engine at the moment. It would be nice to know if this is a bug or limitation or if I am doing something wrong. I’ll try to build realistic environments and a window is quite common in these environments.