There is something fishy about GPU Particle Emitter.. (4.11)

Hello everyone.

Recently I found something and wanted to know if everyone is witnessing the same thing I do. Unreal Engine 4.11 is not using GPU properly when it comes to emitters. I just hope I am not the only one that is wrong here, but look at this;

Here is a GPU Particle Emitter of 4.10 . Its nothing but the standard one. Only things I included is an “initial velocity of 150-X” and “size by life going from 1 to 0 in one second” nodes. I am spamming the particle for 5000 times aswell.

Result in 4.10, all smooth.


Result in 4.11, with hiccups.


It becomes rather visible when I do it with my own particle emitter, which is basically a red dot;

Result in 4.10, smooth again.


Result in 4.11, unacceptable! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can anyone give this a small try to reproduce, or does somebody know about this?

Any comment is appreciated! Thanks!