There is now a branch of 4.12 that supports full VRWorks

Multi-Res shading, VR SLI, Single Pass Stereo and Lens Matched Shading

look great!
do you test?

any idea about these error?

Nice, i should have a look at it. I ve been using the Multires4.12 branch on my VRMultigames game, and its been really good. Multires just gives you extra 50% pixel performance wich is absolutely insane.

I’m not sure, but if it’s a 4.12 branch probably has the issue with Visual Studio 2015 update 3…

my vc2015 is original iso
is this problem?

and i setup, also had error in MSB3075 , i have replace WindowsPlatformCompilerSetup for sp3 problem,also error

They seem to have uploaded an older version of their own SDK to that branch, I swapped out the Engine/Source/Thirdparty/NVIDIA/nvapi directory with the one from their SDK download and copied the module build target.cs over and it compiled fine afterwards.

When I turn on lens matched shading (with a 1080) in the third person template, I get a double image in my right eye.

So, apparently, you are to select NO (overwrite request) when running the Setup.bat

To anyone that got this running, do you see these options (by the red rectangle) in your editor?


i had download vrworks sdk, but i don’t know what’s right


multiprojection_dx, the nvapi folder in there needs to replace the one in the repository.

mordentral :
i made it ! success to build !
thank you !

but can’t open vrfunhouse, i need test


vrfunhouse is a different build/branch

does that mean we can use the SLI in ue4?

i also got a problem here.
Why cant i package my project using the compiled engine downloaded from that link?