There is no generate unique uv in 4.5?

We started to use new 4.5 version of Unreal Engine 4 and we noticed that there is no function as a generate unique uv, we always used this function and we dissapointed that there is no such function in new Unreal Engine 4. Will this function be corrected or changed in this or newer version?

I don’t know if anyone can help with this, I am confused by this too. It was present in previous versions. I have a model with overlapping UV’s that I can’t generate unique uv’s for now.

Hello haggler2,

You are actually not far from locating it, but it does exist. I have posted an image as reference to show you where you can find “Generate Lightmap UVs.” I hope this helps!

Where is this feature in 4.8>? My static meshes which I created from a BSP are as good as black even though they are lit.

Expand the ‘Build Settings’ menu and assign it the appropriate ‘Lightmap Coordinate Index’

Static Mesh from BSP Brush