There is an error when i try to install Epic Games Launcher

Ever time i try to install it says "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file ; C:/Windows/Installer/EpicGameLauncher-2.5.2-2717637.msi

“A network error occurred” The installer could be getting blocked when trying to install “EpicGameLauncher”. Check you security, it could be blocking “EpicGameLauncher” because it is a virus. I use “Kaspersky”.

No i dont have any problems with the anitvirus ( i use avast) i should get a notification when i access something that is a virus and i did not get the notification and the carantine is empty

Check for network activity from the process in task manager.

Hello Leonadias911,

This appears to be a duplicate issue to the one you reported here. For tracking purposes, I’m going to resolve this post. Please reply back using the other thread.