There is a problem with my save plugin in packaged game

The save plugin in the packaged is like after i save and leave and enter again it should load the game but it doesn’t load it and make all vibrable value to 0
U can ask for extra info

okay here is some from the log while packaging it

LogPluginManager: Warning: Engine version string in …/…/…/…/…/OneDrive/Pictures/Documents/Unreal Projects/fox/Plugins/SaveExtension-main/SaveExtension.uplugin could not be parsed (“4.26”)

Hi @Td1!

The problem is that the plugin you are using does not support 4.26. Because of that, it will not work as intended.

You will need to use a different plugin or your own save system.

I hope that helps solve your issue!

ohh but why is it working in the engine but not in the packaged
i got it from here people say it work in 4.26 even in pakaged
(GitHub - PipeRift/SaveExtension: Provides UE4 with a save-game system with support for savegame tags, level streaming and more)

It also say in the read me note from the plugin :
This plugin is for Unreal Engine 4 and actively supports the last 2 versions of the engine.
last 2 versions of the engine it mean it work for 4.26 and 4.27 so there might be a way to fix that
i noticed that another plugin isn’t working well its advanced session if you don’t know what its its like a multiplayer host thing , okey the problem in this plugin is in the packaged the same second as i host it take me out

as my upper reply i see some plugin isn’t working is there something in project setting or something to make them work fine
edit :
in project setting i found in PLUGIN - GOOGOLE PAD
there is some thing could packaging enable plugin should i turn it on ?
I just turned on and worked for advanced session but the save plugin still not working it just working on a bad way because when it load the game it docent make the variable to default
value it make them 0 pls help me

my save system work but doesn’t for multiplayer or even multi nbc

i want to ask u is there any way to let it work pls reply like rebuild or edit thing pls help me my save system isnt that good

Hi @Td1!

The best option you have if you absolutely must have that particular plugin, to be honest, is to reach out to the developer of that plugin to see if they can help you. Unfortunately, they would need to update the plugin or give you a workaround to enable compatibility. Otherwise, you would need to redo/update your save system and give it the same or similar capabilities.

I hope you can get ahold of them and they can help you update the plugin to your needs!

they didnt reply to me i have question to ask u if i took wolf and fox health and save it in a variable array how can i load it for eash ai and players correctly like for each wolf take their health value from the array so they dont take wrong value or the same value they need to take thier value

Hey @Td1!

I’m not quite sure what you are asking here specifically, however, it may be best, if this is a new topic, to start a new thread and provide some more context like what your blueprints look like and how your system is supposed to work.

i made a new topic it have many info i can give u more info if u need

i will be waiting u to reply in this topic if u need more info just let me now