Help me with my save system

i have a save system i will tell u how it work (the thing i want to know is how to load it correctly like how can i give from the array the correct values like i dont want the wolf take the fox transform or both of they take the same transform ) ( if u want any more info just tell me )
some info(i have a actor bp ) (it auto save every sec)(it take all actors transform in 1 array )

1 every actor i want to save have an interface that take the transform and health and other in array

2 evrey time it save it clear the array and replace it with new value

here some screen shot to under stand it

You should use Paint to remove the EU5 child windows…the code is very small…it’s hard to read. You will get more help if you do that.

I don’t see ‘save game to slot’ there…

there is in the 2nd pic in the left

there is in 2nd pic

This is my save game 101, it covers the basics:

you know i have a save system but my problem is with the load i take wolf and fox transform in 1 array and sometime they the fox take the wolf transform and i have more than 1 wolf and more than 1 fox i want each fox take the right transform and each wolf take the right transform

Just have an array of wolves, and an array of foxes ( locations ).


yeah but how can i tell if the wolf took another wolf location cuz they have health and other stuff
so maybe the wolf health change and the fox is the main player so what will happen if a fox took a wrong transform with another player

You can give the wolves IDs. Just an integer, it can even be their index in the location array.

When a wolf spawns ( or is placed in the world ), it takes the next ID. It also saves this ID along with it’s position and health etc.

Next time you play the game, when the wolves spawn, when they get their ID, they know where they were, and the other information.

okey thx but how can i give each of them an ID with the health and location

The wolf BP, make an int in there. Set it to 0 for the first wolf. That wolf will save location in index 0 of the location array, and 0 of the health array.

Same for 1, and 2 etc.

If you have already put the wolves in the level, just set the ID on each wolf.

If you’re spawning wolves, you need to get each one an ID as you spawn it, and it will put itself in the right location, with the correct health.

am spawning so i need to save the old id and spawn so the next spawn will be ( (the old id ) + 1)
is this right okey
(but how can i put the id with the health and location )

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The ID is the index in the array! :slight_smile:

So the thing with ID = 3 has its transform at


You just have arrays in the save game like this


Here’s a mock up. When saving

When spawning

Where ‘get save game’ is

You see, each blueprint has an ID, and that is its index in the array.

thx this helped me alot i will tell u if i needed anything about this

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wait a quick question
if i placed actor in the world and have instance Editable id so i can change it manually if i wanted to take all of the id should use array or singular value i will take it in a blueprint interface
i have more than 1 actor with the id instance Editable

You can mix spawned actors with IDs and manually placed actors. Just make sure, before you start spawning, that you have already put the manually placed actors in the array, then you can carry on numbering from there.

You can just use GetAllActorsOfClass and check their IDs before you start spawning.

hey i just made a system but i found out it never update the values like
when i re join i got my location right but when i move then leave and rejoin the location didnt change its the same from the first time i stopped playing
can i have the solution pls here is the the work

and if u couldn’t enter the link i can send pictures if u want

Nearly. You need a cast here

Also, notice you’re not saving anything if the save game exists


should both come from the SG reference.