There are spammers on the blog


I was reading some of the Dev Grants blog posts and noticed that there are some spammers, for example:

I already reported them but you may want to check the blog because there may be more.



Please click the “Report” flag on blog spam anytime you see it.

We follow up on these as soon as we see them, and are looking into improvements to block them from posting.


check reports

Same in answer hub.

Those spammers are being quite annoying as of late.

Might need a few guys just dedicated to removing spam! :frowning:

We’re doing a cleanup pass now.

Thanks all.

Thank you! :smiley:

Ideed. I really miss the magic love potion spam from the early days… They had at least style :smiley:

<nostalgia mode=ON>

<nostalgia mode=OFF>

Yeah, they have lost their touch. Not even worth a chuckle anymore. :smiley: