The wrong player keeps respawning

In my game the character’s death is triggered by entering the KillZVolume

  • Playing single player works fine, the character respawns as expected upon death
  • When playing multiplayer, if the second player dies it makes the first player respawn instead

I believe it has something to do with the way I’m passing information through the level blueprint. At the moment it casts to my MPGameMode blueprint - when player 1 dies this appears to work, but when player 2 dies, the cast fails.

Level Blueprint & MPGameMode blueprint:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I think it’s because PlayerController at zero index on server-side is server player. So try take instead ‘other actor’ pin from OnActorBeginOverlap event node.

I think you’re onto something, I tried changing the numbers to ‘1’ - this made only the second character respawn.

I couldn’t work out a way to link together the playercontroller value with the ‘other actor’ pin. I guess what I really need is a way to get the ID of the player who fell in the killzone and pass that to the playercontroller field… Any ideas on that?

This would be helpful I hope.

I think here would be useful to read something about UE’s client-server model and networking at all.

Ah, that clears it up as I was testing two players on one machine and therefore it couldn’t really determine the current player… Thanks heaps!