The videos which UE4 accepts as start-up movies


I tried to add a start-up video but it seems like UE4 doesn’t accepts every type and resolution.
I wanted more information about the videos which I can use as start-up movies, so I did a lot of rendering, testing and building.


Video width is always 1920p

Working videos:

  • H.264 (.mp4), 1088p, 30FPS, 2 sec
  • H.264 (.mp4), 1088p, 60FPS, 2 sec
  • H.264 (.mp4), 1072p, 60FPS, 2 sec

Not working videos:

  • H.264 (.mp4), 1080p, 60FPS, 2 sec (black screen)
  • H.264 (.mp4), 1080p, 30FPS, 2 sec (black screen)
  • H.264 (.mp4), 1082p, 60FPS, 2 sec (black screen)
  • H.264 (.mp4), 1078p, 60FPS, 2 sec (black screen)
  • WMV, 1080p, 60FPS, 2 sec (works in editor but only .mp4s for start-up movies possible)

Additional problems:

  • White flash at the end, if I use only one short start-up movie
  • If I use the same video twice -> one gets ignored
  • I encountered multiple crashes when I tried to skip start-up movies if there are multiple start-up movies. I would recommend to combine the videos into one single file if you want to make them skippable.

These are just the combinations which I tried. There are probably more combinations that work.

I hope it helps someone.


Thank you for this info, Reisn. I couldn’t get a 1080p movie to work, but a 720p movie did work, so I assumed it was just limited to 720 as a max resolution. Apparently that’s not the case. I’m working with 4.8 and the same issues still seem to be present. So I’d like to add two (obvious) questions:

  1. Has anyone found any combination of framerate, encoder, etc, that will allow a 1080p movie to play?
  2. Any chance this will be fixed in 4.9?

It’s very interesting that “1088p” will play. Maybe the odd size forces the engine to do some kind of rescaling that bypasses the problem code.

Will this EVER be fixed? I render out a couple of cutscenes for my game to cut down on size and optimize the game. It sucks that we can’t resort to 1080p videos or some sort of compression system. -_- A completely underdeveloped feature that should be critical to the engine.