The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

@WellActually Thanks for this :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest the removal of the functionality that automatically minimizes the carousel window when you click next on the last image in the gallery. This is causing me all sorts of misclicks (making me change application focus to something in the background, opening random things on my desktop or opening random blueprints misclicking in the world outliner in UE). it seems like a minor annoyance, but I spend a lot of the time browsing assets so it’s a constant issue and making for a very poor user experience.

That would be nice if we had a notification system for new content.

Cool, thanks! Looks good…

[FONT=times new roman]Early Bird Discount

New content publications should have the option to be released with an introduction discount, since this would benefit the MarketPlace users who actively monitor the market, in relation to the frequency of their visits. Often the decision becomes if you can wait for the episodic sales, or for a random discount, which happen only after weeks, if at all.

EBD would contribute to the content rating,since introduction discounts would generate ratings much earlier on.
EBD would help content creators, there could be less time from production and publishing until they receive the first pay check. They could also make this decision when publishing for the first time.
EBD supports active users, potentially rewarding them for visiting the market more frequently
EBD supports low budget developers, discounts could be available earlier, or help to assess if a creator will offer discounts in the future

It makes perfect sense to introduce an Early Bird discount option for creators and buyers.

My suggestion is simply:-
1-Adding a more profound categorized search in the market place
2-Adding the same within the Library vault section added to it a category called"requires update". I’m asking for this because I currently have more than 300 assets in my vault and the vault is growing rapidly because I’m buying more and more assets each day.
3-Adding a favourite or “desire to buy” list at the market place, something like what Amazon Store has would be appreciated. As we can mark things there to be purchased at a later stage.

Can we have the start date at report starting from the current month instead of the beginning of last month?

Another vote for getting email notifications from comments on product page.

In order to deal with increasing market, I want (pray) to have a analysis tool by unit of year/quarter/up to now.
(like pie chart,line graph,gantt chart.)
it is urgent and important to find market trends and our problem.
additionally,this year is already will be faster in future.

#ThingsWeveAskedForForYears :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the feedback. Our Marketplace team is working to implement changes to the Marketplace. I, as much as you all, that it could happen faster, but it is taking time. I know you’re probably sick of hearing that - but that is where we’re at.

My package is now under “pending approval” for almost 20 days :confused:
Is that normal? I’m getting a bit nervous to be honest.

Every time I submit anything, takes months.
Frustrating is the name of the game :]

And I thought, it takes around 15 days.

Considering it took them 5-6 months to fix a critical marketplace bug, it is not surprising that content would take months to get uploaded, because they are severely understaffed.

I would really like to see a sort by rating feature added to the sort criteria as there is no easy way to search popular highly rated assets. Thank you!

As a developer and user of marketplace items, and not a seller of marketplace items I’m not sure this is the correct place for my suggestion but here it goes. I DESPERATELY need a way to filter and sort the marketplace content that I own and is in my library. its really hard to find what I am looking for as the only thing that works in the library is a name search.

I suggestion the following options for library management:
Tagging (allow users to tag the items in their library for personal use)
Ability to hide items
Filter by compatible engine version
Filter by content type (Blueprint, script, 3d model, material, texture, audio, etc)
Separate tab / link for product updates, I constantly get updates but no clue what has changed, this makes it very difficult for production.

I am probably a target customer for a lot of creators that sell products on the market place, I own over 250 packages from it already, however with the limitations of finding the content that I want to use in a project, that I already own, it makes it very unfavorable to consider purchasing more and further adding to the hassle.

Just a few thoughts from an end user of the marketplace.

I think everyone wants this, as well as other commonly mentioned features.

If I only could just hide stuff from my marketplace library and unhide when necessary, the whole launcher experience would already be so much better. A delete button would be the icing on the cake.

Yeah, I figured as I don’t think my wants are unique at all I did not see these requests in the op and did not want to read through 54 pages of suggestions so see if anyone else had suggested the same things. I sure hope Epic is open to implementing these, it would help me and others a lot.