The Unpersons - A Survival Horror Roguelike

Hi there. I wanted to share the game I’m making on my own with UE4: The Unpersons. It is at an early stage development, with a temporal HUD -the actual game won’t have HUD, this is for debug- The Unpersons is a 1984-esque themed horror roguelike.

This game is trying to create a new kind of horror in videogames: which is player generated. Fundamentally I am trying to achieve a game in which the player’s interaction with the game world can unchain and fork new instances that will force him to defy himself. In this game everything is done via NPCs interactions. The way you speak, treat and help them or defy them will trigger the events that will cause the several jump scares. This was never done before. Most games try to expose the player to uncomfortable situations using gore or surrealism –Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Outlast- or introducing jump scares via third party characters –Slender, 5 Nights at Freddy, Dying Light- while this one is generated by the player itself and the interactions it develops with the NPCs.

The game setting is a 1984-esque dictatorial country. Most parts of the world have endured and still endure several dictatorships and their former consequences. I want players to experience horror through a more human approach, distancing them from the supernatural and surreal, and portray a new way of scaring players, proving horror is not about zombies, ghosts, and undead mythos. This is about human nature at its worst, portraying an unkown destiny for the player and the consequences of his acts. As H.P. Lovecraft once said:

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.


  • Type in your own bio and let the game create your own custom story.
  • Variety of NPCs each with their own personality Each game is managed by the Artificial Intelligence engine: DOT
  • Thousands of choices when dealing with each NPC.
  • Level generated for each instance you play the game.
  • Pure roguelike mechanics for survival and item discovery.
  • Experience hallucinations, sanity losses and massive moral choices.



Sounds interesting! I look forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:

I like the idea, a lot. I’d definitely play it.

Looks to have some great potential. Keep us posted :).

Thank you Guys. Very appreciated, right now I’m working on replacing the Mixamo placeholder from the free pack available in the store to the final one. I’m currently working in the animations now, the rig was made by a friend of mine named: Raul Porro. Anyhow, here are some pics:


I love the dirty gritty look!
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Are you using RyanTorant dynamic GI? because your screens look almost like the provided screens by RyanTorant and you are a following and posting in his thread. Great work btw.

Thank you Plastica, but no. I’m just using LPV witha directional lighting+post process volume config :smiley: then set all the other lights to cast dynamic indirect light. Yet, the distance shadow fields do most part of the work for casting a good AO.

Well, here’s one of the many animations I just working on: Right now the one ready is, the walking cycle

Link to full animation:

Well, I’m adding two more screens, one of the jail cells and one with the character to test how lights behave as so does the post process material.


Wow, I really like it. It seems unique.
Check out ours if you don’t mind. Road Fever.

Looks interesting enough. Thank for your sharing, I’ll keep it in mind.

On the other hand: After much debate, there’s been a change in art direction for the better, here are new screenshots all in-game:


Unpredictable enemies and these visuals may make for something absolutely terrifying!

I like both styles. I suppose I have to admit that I prefer the newer style but the older one stands out more. You may have noticed that ours has no colour, either. My vision is very much resembling a silent film. So, it’s not the lack of colour in your original style, but something about this new direction seems scarier.
It looked sort of cel-shaded before but I can’t tell.

Anyway, I love all your ideas and I hope you do great. I’m certainly interested. How far along is it and when do you foresee something playable being available, or at least some videos?

Thank you guys, EPD Gaffney, the game originally was intended to look like a police made sketch, but after some talking the art chosen have gone to resemble classical horror films, I’m using a heavy influence of giallo cinema and elements from Edgar Allan Poe’s literature

That sounds excellent. Poe’s a favourite of mine. If you want a couple of nice, short reads of his, all the famous ones are great but have a read of these, each just a couple of brilliant pages:
The Imp of the Perverse. I’m begging you to read at least this one.
The Masque of the Red Death.
The Sphinx.

The Spinx is the worst one but probably the most important for you to read if you’re designing this type of a game.

It did look like a police sketch. I like that. But I understand why you’re changing it.

And I repose my question: how far along is it and when do you foresee something playable being available, or at least some videos?

And may I please offer my opinion in case there’s a debate? I’m bloody well tired of first-person games. If there’s any question, you have one fan vote for an option to be able to see my character, haha.

Actually, I’m fond to Poe’s works, and The Masque of the Red Death is one major influence in the game. I’ll read them again since you posted the links.

Regarding the camera, the game uses a true first person camera. Meaning, you’ll see your body, the option of changing the camera to a third person view is a being considerated.

Edit: Just finished this to test the space distribution of the objects, gotta model more props to enhance this room, but here you go:


Please do read them again, and please tell me what do you think of them. The Masque of the Red Death I’m not surprised you’ve read (just posted it as for a three-page tale it’s unparallelled), but the other two aren’t too well known.

I liked the first-person camera in Outlast as first-person cameras go, but I much prefer third-person, and if you have a third-person rig it doesn’t seem too crazy to be able to switch. See, in a game like mine or Resident Evil, with the static cameras, it’s an overhaul of the game design itself to use a first-person view, but at least with all I’ve considered (you can tell me I’m wrong if you tell me why!), between first-person or third-person isn’t much difference in the game design so long as the camera is attached to the player.

I hadn’t seen the picture before. Looking great. I love the old walls and the lighting. I think your texture may be a bit low-res (or your UVs are too small) on the desk, though. Or it could just be the picture.