The Tower - A 3D Stealth Platformer

Hey Guys! I thought I’d finally get down to posting updates on the game I’ve been working on. I started development of this after we built it in a week for the Epic MegaJam… and being my 1st UE4 game, I was impressed at how flexible Blueprints are! Since then, I’ve decided to take development of The Tower further by my self. It’s been fun learning more advanced concepts in UE4 and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

I’ve fixed up the original game build we did for the Jam, and improved a bit. It is a bit more playable right now. But I’ve begun overhauling everything from the player locomotion to the new smarter Enemy AI. Not to mention a whole new game world with more fun platforming.

New camera controls:

Improved Blinking:

New Enemy AI:

Enemy Awareness Indicator:


Here’s the game on

This is looking incredible! So excited you’re still working on it :slight_smile:

Been following this on Twitter, looks absolutely incredible, keep up the awesome work!

Oh, I’ve been hooked on the game since the end of the Jam! Right now, I’m just itching to finish up some other client work so I can hop back on this! Will have some more cool updates pretty soon.

Thanks buddy! I’ve been following your progress as well! Woodbound is also one of the projects that motivated me to just go ahead and make a game :slight_smile:

Just a small aesthetic update. sound design makes a world of difference in immersion! just added a few more effects.

Began overhauling the character locomotion system (aside from normal movement) trying to get wall running in and see what platforming opportunities it might open up.

Been a while since I posted an update, So here’s where the game is at right now. I started revamping the platforming system a month ago, and I pretty much re-did everything. Now the ledge grabbing and climbing is much cleaner! The sideways ledge jump also automatically detects the distance and adjusts the jump speed and angle.

Hey all! I’m looking for a few early playtesters to try out the new game mechanics. Sign up here:

Now that the locomotion system is done, I had to get back on polishing stealth gameplay

so nice game;)