The SoulKeeper VR Demo - Available for download now!

We just released our first VR Demo, based on our open world RPG project “The SoulKeeper”. You can download it here:


Hi Morti,

first off, graphics are great! character animation, atmosphere - really cool :slight_smile:

But… you are releasing it as a “VR” demo, here are my 2 cents as a fellow VR dev:

  • Do not force camera movement on the player! There is this part where the fighter jumps up and the VR camera jumps up too - sickness inducing!
  • Don’t stick stuff in front of the head (logo at the end)
  • I have a GTX 970, according to your system requirements in the readme it’s ok. so the demo should run smoothly on a DK2 without judder. it doesn’t. reduce graphics or give option to reduce. your game MUST under all circumstances always maintain 75 fps for a DK2 (or 90 for CV1).

I hope you take it the way it is meant - as constructive criticism. Looking forward to test an improved VR version!

  • Ben

Thanks for the feedback Btengelh. Could you also provide the rest of your system specs? Thnx!

i7-2600 3.40GHz
Asus Nvidia GeForce Strix GTX970-DC2OC
Windows 10

Not all us suffer from motion sickness…options options options

No there are some rules you don’t break in VR. Artificial camera movement is one of them.

I disagree…there should be no rules…rules limit…if I’m standing on the edge of a VR mountain and some pushes me off, I want to flip and tumble down…these should be in options no different from graphic settings…if you don’t want “extreme” VR settings then set to “your” comfort level… of course it’s up to the developer in the end

Agree about the sickness inducing artificial camera movement, everything I’ve read and experienced myself in VR I find that a big turnoff.