The shady side too dark.

When I look in the direction of the sun, then the shady side is too dark. How can I make the effect brighter. If I make the tree as “Movable”, then it will be a little brighter. But that can not be the solution, right?

in the direction of the sun

another direction

Hi Dj EKI,

When you get the dark shadowing is this when you build lighting? Is your Directional Light set to Static, Stationary, or Movable?

If you’re using a static/stationary light you’ll likely need to setup a proper UV for your object without any overlapping UVs so that the light build can work properly.

Let me know.


My Sun is Sationary. And Builded.
I have 1 UV. I Have a Normal, Displacement, occlusion and 2 Textures. 1 Texture for the Tree, and one Texture for effekts (emessiv) on the Trees, like a blitz with Alpha Channel.
When I look at the shadows on the ground, then the tree is normal to see. When I look at the tree, then the shadow is black immediately.

If i use Skylight as Movable, its look good.

Ok. Two things I’ll need to see next.

Can you post a screenshot of your one UV channel that you’ve got? You can view this in the Static Mesh Editor by clicking the UV button in the Main Toolbar.

Next, can you disable the Normal Map texture for your material and see if that resolves the issue of looking at it and see it go black to looking OK?

Let me know when you get a chance.

Oh, I see, I have 2 UV channels. I have in Blender marked 2 objects together exported it as fbx.

Disable Normal hase no Effekt.
Disable Tesselation hase no Effekt.

EDIT:When I go to the tree really close, I see my tree beautiful light. When I see very little of the sky on the screen, then jumps auto Exposoure immediately around and my tree is black.



Those UVs look drastically different and it’s likely that the second is set to be the Lightmap, but can you check in the Static Mesh Editor under the Static Mesh Settings > Lightmap Coordinate Index (under the rollout arrow) and make sure that that is set to 1.

If that doesn’t work, would you be able to share the asset and I can have a look in a scene and see what’s going on or if you have a sample project with just this asset and the lighting setup I could go straight from there.

You can share this on the forums privately if you’d like: