The sequencer needs urgent attention! Has it been abandoned by the devs?

I’ve done a lot of video editing in general, and maybe I have my own set of expectations,
but really, there are a lot of things that need attention in the built-in sequencer.
I am currently attempting to make a cinematic sequence, using only camera cuts to film a landscape.


Here are a few of the bugs I’ve come across so far:

  • Camera transform rotation has a mind of it’s own, doing uninstructed things between key frames.
    It will basically rotate around itself without being told to do so
    Can be rectified with curve editor, but why do I need too?

  • Manual focus distance will suddenly fluctuate wildly, or reset between key frames
    Yes, this too can be fixed with curve editor.

  • Adding new camera screws up timeline
    When adding a new camera, a camera-cut with the new camera takes over the timeline, and deletes most, if not all existing cuts.
    If I scrub to the beginning, the whole sequence is deleted. Ok, could make sense, but…
    If I scrub to the end, it still takes over 1/3 of the timeline and deletes other cuts.

  • Changing camera name does not change it in timeline/“Camera Cuts”
    The result is confusion when adding a new cut to the timeline,
    since whatever name I’ve given the camera I need, still has the original name the editor gave it (for instance “CineCameraActor15”)

Codecs & Rendering

When exporting directly from Editor, the codec system is not working, even if there is a field to specify codecs.
No matter what compression setting is used, clips are exported without compression to an *.AVI container.

I’ve seen multiple questions about this, yet no responses from developers.

These are a few bugs, there are other minor bugs that I can work around…
Right now though, I cannot add a new camera, because it ruins the timeline :frowning: